Friday, June 19, 2009

Follow Rachelle Lefevre on Twitter for Charity!

Yes yes we realize it’s spelled wrong, but is actually the real Rachelle Lefevre.

Here’s the story. We get this Tweet out of the blue from telling us she’s the real Rachelle. Now you have to understand, the first thing I notice is that it’s spelled wrong. I thought Oh brother, this one can’t even spell, and it has some nerve thinking we are going to fall for that.

I would have just ordinarily ignored it, but I thought, this was pretty..well frankly… ballsy for an impostor, so, we checked with Rachelle’s management and according to her management, “…this IS indeed her authentic account…there are…other parties out there who have taken her name and opened accounts and said they are her! …One of them is using her correct spelling of her last name Lefevre, so that is why you see her account with her last name without the “e” at the end, her correct spelling had already been taken…”

To Rachelle we slice ourselves a helping of humble pie with a side order of crow for doubting that you were you.

Don’t forget that you can see Rachelle in person at the Twilight Fan Trips Vampire Baseball game in Portland. Tickets are still available. Get the details here.

Aussie fans will be happy to know that Rachelle is going to be at SUPANOVA in Syndey in June
Now given that Rachelle’s management has confirmed that the below Rachelle’s are fakes, it stands to reason that the other Twilight accounts that they link to are fake as well. Especially since the fake Rachelle’s were having back and forth conversations about set experiences, dinners, shopping trips, etc. with the other supposed “real cast members”

Fake number 1:
Fake number 2:
Fake number 3:
Fake number 4:

MTV's New Moon Official Cast List

MTV has released an official cast list for New Moon. The only problem is, they left 2 key people off of the list. This is an outrage!! HAHA. How could they leave out the two actors who play the father's in our beloved Twilight Saga? Damn you MTV! HAHA. Here's Billy Burke and Gil Birmingham's twitter tweets in response to MTV's list. Follow me on Twitter, here. =)

Awesome New Moon Fan Made Poster =)

Look at this awesome fan made poster made by Despoina!! Also, check out her blog, Enchanted Robert, its a great page! =)

ET Exclusive Sneak Peek into UsWeekly

Here's thhe screencaped Twilight segment on ET by Twilight Poison. The segment gives a sneak peak into US Weekly’s upcoming Twilight issue which will feature all new pictures of the entire cast.

Here’s a sneak peek at some Rob pics =)

New Moon Official Calendar-Cullen Family

Here’s another picture of a New Moon calendar we haven’t seen yet, this time featuring a shot of the entire Cullen Family in the style of the New Moon Poster. This one is a wall calendar as opposed to the New Moon Desk Calendar we reported on earlier.

Reportedly, this one will be available at the end of July.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Official New Moon Calendar--Awesome!!

Here’s the very first picture of the upcoming Official New Moon Calendar, including a never-before seen arrangement of the three main characters that is similar to the official New Moon poster, but the characters are arranged differently.

In this new imagery from New Moon, Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black is in the center looking straight at the camera and Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen are looking to the side behind him.

The calendar is set to be released later this year in September or October.

New Moon Movie Stills-Combined!!

How cool is this? Two key shots of the New Moon Movie. The LOVE-to want and to leave-PROTECT. Made by: princessbjuti

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Follow Peter Facinelli on Twitter-Twi-Prize =)

Peter Facinelli has upped the stakes on his Twitter challenge to get 500,000 followers by Friday. Now, if he makes his goal, he’ll be giving his Twilight director’s chair backing to one lucky follower on Twitter. Check out the video for the full details.

Now, you have even more reason to go ahead and make a Twitter account to follow @PeterFacinelli–why not follow us at @ Run Away With Fate while you are at it?=)

Wolf Transformation Gif for your blog/page =)

new moon Pictures, Images and Photos

Here's the awesome wolf transformation! I found this and thought it would be perfect to post for all those Jacob fans and you can put it in your blog or on your page! Enjoy, here's the link for the code.

Awesome Fan Made New Moon Poster!

Made by the ever-so creative benynn =)

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Moon Monday Manips & Posters

Behind the Scenes New Moon Filming Spoilers

Source: iamlost

ECLIPSE: Online Casting Call for Roles

Eclipse Open Casting Call through June 30th! You can check out the role descriptions and the audition sides (which are not from the actual movie, but still fun to read).