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Lainey Gossip strikes again-Wolfy Badass'

Wolf sighting in Vancouver yesterday. From left to right: Chaske Spencer (Sam), Alex Meraz (Paul), and Kiowa Gordon (Embry) looking all wolfy badass.. Check out for more awesome pics!! :)

Demand Robert Pattinson in How To Be.

According to MTV you can get How To Be starring Robert Pattinson right in your home because the “IFC Festival Direct will be showing the film on demand beginning April 29.”.

What’s more, Rob has three tracks on the album which is including full lyric sheets and never seen before pictures. For 250 lucky fans it gets even better:

“But perhaps the best news of all for Edward Cullen fans is that 250 people who preorder the CD directly from Dreamboat Records before April 28 will be selected at random to receive a booklet poster personally signed by Pattinson.”

See the whole story on MTV. Thanks Lexicon!! :)

E!:New Moon Relationship Gossip-its's JUICY!

Ted Casablanca from E! was teasing us earlier this week about some gossip, and now has posted a new article on New Moon Blind Vices:

That's right, hons, it's a Twilight-style Blind Vice just for the those special cast and crewmembers who read them religiously! See, we've just discovered that our naughty Vices are a particularly favorite pastime on those foggy Twilight sets, which is just too ironic—as this one's all about a brokenhearted Twilight honey!

So get ready, you Twi-Twits. This week the Vice stuff is all about one castmember who's found herself in a romantically dangerous spot. Is there really ever any other kind?

Twyla Babe-Sucker is a gorge young gal who has suddenly stumbled upon all this damn fame. She's dizzy from it. Who friggin' wouldn't be? But it's so tough for this thick-haired beauty to handle herself, the spotlight and a man. Especially when temptation is lurking literally right around the corner:

TBS has had quite the rocky relationship with another dude, who's not a member of the megafranchise. It's been very hot-cold, even though the Cupid troubles have completely flown under the press's radar (save for mine). And this guy is pretty recognizable, too.

Either way, it's caused our poor babe angst 'cause so many games are being played with her head. Since the relaysh status has constantly been up in the air, it's hard to tell if either of them can really move on—especially when she's getting her makeup done, or what have you, and there's a very, very hunky, scruffy and studly guy who keeps giving her mixed signals, constantly coming up and hugging her. So intensely, too.

And you know that kind of body language I'm talkin' about, don't you? Classically angsty, Twilight-style lovemaking—hold me supertight (for hours), but that's it, stop there, nothing more...for now.

Truly Mormon kinda masochistic fooling around. In other words: Let's just torture ourselves for now and not give in to what we really want to do, which is to totally bone each other until Twilight isn't hauling in any more money!

So what's a girl to do? I say it's time to split from the current on-again, off-again guy and find yourself the real deal, babe. Like, maybe the affectionate hottie who's filming right next to you?

And it Ain't: Dakota Fanning, Noot Seear, Nikki Reed

RPattz in Haunted Airman on dvd April 6th

This is the infamous bathing scene that was all over blog sites and celebrity tv shows 2 months ago, haha. Now you can buy it & watch it over and over again. hehe

Parade Interview with Kristen

Twilight star Kristen Stewart trades in her forbidden vampire romance for awkward love at an amusement park.

Stewart joins Jesse Eisenberg as a couple of '80s teens awkwardly trying to find romance in Adventureland. And Kristen thinks struggling to get it right is what makes this film real.

Q: Are you as awkward as your character when it comes to love?

A: I don't think I'm ever going to not fumble around. I think that's just life. That's how you live life is you fumble around.

Q: Have you found it more difficult to have relationships since your rise to fame?

A: The hardest thing in life is to maintain personal relationships and to feel like they're real and genuine. You're always going to have expectations that you're trying to meet and you just have to roll with it.

Q: Did you find yourself bringing any of your own relationship experiences into the role?

A: No, not at all, the characters that I play are so different. I always make sure that they're a completely different person from me. I didn't think that it was necessary to bring my own life into it. I could just imagine what it would be like for her.

Q: You seem so sure of who you are, was it difficult to play someone who was as you say "self-loathing?"

A: I have friends that I can sort of see in her. Like my favorite aspects of her I feel like I know a lot of those kind of girls that are wracked with feelings of inadequacy, but they're actually the greatest people that I know. And so if they could just realize that, they could have everything that they wanted.

Touched By Twilight’s Michael Welch Interview

Touched By Twilight has a great interview with Michael Welch (AKA Mike Newton) Here it is:

The scene in the diner, with Mike dancing outside the window… improv or scripted? Were you encouraged to improve or did you have to stick straight to the script?

There was a lot of improve in this film for the humans (Eric, Tyler, Angela, Jessica, and Me). Catherine didn’t really care whether dialogue or actions were improvised or scripted, or whether ideas came from her or the cast. Her priority was to create something real, empathetic, and entertaining for the audience. She always had respect for OUR role in the overall story, and our purpose in Bella’s life. And having made several movies on the subject, Catherine has a lot of experience in trying to capture the essence of teenagers.

Any message you’d like to send to the Twi-Hards?

Thank you for these great questions and thanks for your patience. I know you’ve been waiting for my answers for a while. It’s been a crazy year and I can only hope it gets crazier. Thanks again!

Mike Newton is Edward’s vision of the “regular guy” Bella would be with if he wasn’t in the picture (this is the New Moon perspective, prior to the introduction of Jacob as a major character). Do you agree with Edward’s assessment?

I do. Next to Edward, Mike Newton is a joke. But without this god-like creature around for Mike to be compared to, he isn’t such a terrible catch. It’s high school for goodness sake! Mike is a completely tolerable and decent teenage boyfriend. With no Edward, I can see Bella and Mike going out for about three months. I don’t know if it would last much longer than that because Mike is clearly WAY more into Bella than she is into him. High school girls always get bored in those situations.

Assuming you’ve read “New Moon,” What do you think Mike Newton is thinking/ feeling during the first two books: if there was a story from Mike’s perspective (a la “Midnight Sun”) would we see Mike as the golden retriever he appears to be to Bella, or is that a mask for deeper emotion? How will you convey this on screen?

I think Bella is to Mike what Edward is to Bella. When someone comes along and affects you like that, particularly at that age, it defines you in large part, and certainly helps define an era in your life. If Mike were to have a “Midnight Sun,” we would probably see a more vulnerable side to him. Other than that, honestly, I think maybe the golden retriever is just who he is. I haven’t searched too hard for hidden layers, conflicting subconscious motives, or other devices that create depth in character. I think simplicity is the best way to approach Mike.

Pretty Cool Fanmade NM Trailer

Here’s another great New Moon movie trailer, this one released this week by YouTube user RaggDollish. She never fails, its pretty amazing, if I say so…. What do you think?

NM Posters..They Keep Getting Better!!

Nickelodeon: Vote for Twilight & Rob!!

This Saturday is the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards and Twilight is a runner up for FAVORITE book of the YEAR. And Rob is up for Best Male Actor for Twilight!! E! News is confirming that Rob will be in attendance at the show!! :)

Kristen Stewart in Porsche Commercial

Thanks to Twi-Moms, they found this cute video of Kristen in a Porsche commercial when she was younger. She still has the same facial expressions!! :) Hmm, is that the same porche 9 11 in the Twilight series??

Robert Pattinson as Salvador Dali in “Little Ashes”

Access Hollywood has an exclusive clip of Robert Pattinson as Salvador Dali in “Little Ashes!”

This movie had an original release date back in the beginning of this month but has now been pushed to May. Rob has said in an interview, that this movie wasn't even going to be screened until the fame of Twilight brought it out of its shadows. ( But from the looks of his face and what he says, I think he was kind of glad that the movie might not of been screened and now that Twilight blew up, its giving this movie a chance--for everyone to see him portray a gay man ) haha.. Oh, poor Rob. We still love you buddy!!! :)

MTV: Nikki Reed - Rosalie and Her Hatred for Bella

Nikki Reed sat down with MTV to discuss her character (Rosalie) in New Moon and how she must pretend to be hate her BFF Kristen (Bella):

Rosalie feels really strongly about her hatred for Bella,” grinned the 20-year-old Hollywood veteran, who returns to the set of “New Moon” this week to resume shooting the sequel. “It’s bizarre. Obviously, we can do it because it is acting. But it is really funny.”

She’s speaking about her real-life love for BFF Kristen Stewart — a sharp contrast to her character’s distaste toward Stewart’s Bella. Fans all over the world have loved to hate Reed for being so cruel to their Bella, but in actuality, the duo recently took a vacation together to Africa and plan to reunite for the movie “K-11″ between “Twilight” sequels.

“Kristen’s my best friend,” she said. “I get to work on a set with really wonderful people and really creative people, and there are a million people in the world that have read this series and love the series. I get to be with my best friend. I can’t think of anything better.”

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rob Talks About New Moon..((Strange))

Robert Pattinson has given his thoughts on New Moon–and he feels it’s a pretty tough sell:

“The book of ‘New Moon,’ the majority of it is incredibly depressing,” Pattinson told Reuters. “Obviously ‘Twilight’ was about finding first love and the difficulties of that, but ‘New Moon’ is really about loss and reconciliation, but the reconciliation isn’t completely full.”

“It’s a strange story to have for a market that, I guess, wants to see a love story,” he said.

Nevertheless, the London-born Pattinson said everyone involved is working to make “New Moon” as big a success as “Twilight.”

New Nighttime Pictures from Jacob’s House Set

A user over at TwilightersAnonymous shares these new pictures from the set of New Moon.

They were taken during the evening, and show the New Moon Set for Jacob’s House in a whole new light (or lack thereof….). Defintely a very different vibe at night than the previous pictures in the day we’ve seen! You’ll notice that one of the pictures is of a filming truck!! Wonder whats going on inside?? hehe

New Moon's Heidi?..Noot Seear?..

Apparently, New Moon has its Heidi or so E! News is saying...

I can exclusively reveal that Canadian supermodel Noot Seear has won the coveted role of the beautiful human bait in the Twilight sequel.

Heidi is described in Stephenie Meyer's novel as a "fisher" who brings humans to the Volturi vampires to eat. She has "exceptional, unforgettable" beauty, which includes stunning legs, long hair and violet eyes.

If y'all remember, 90210 starlet AnnaLynne McCord auditioned for the role, which insiders have described to me as being more of a cameo than anything else.

So who is this Noot Seear?

The 25-year-old dark blond stunner hails from Vancouver, Canada. (Yup, that's where director Chris Weitz just started shooting New Moon). She's 5 feet 9 inches tall and has blue eyes, according to her agency, One Model Management. Her measurements? 34-24-34.

She began modeling when she was about 13 years old and moved to New York City "for more exposure," New York magazine has reported.

Since then Seear has appeared in spreads in Elle, Cosmopolitan and Vanity Fair. Her ad campaigns have included Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein's CK One fragrance, Vera Wang Bridal and Pantene Pro-V.

She's also walked several catwalks for designers like Ralph Lauren, Balenciaga, Lanvin and Alexander Wang.

Let the Robert Pattinson and Noot romance rumors begin! LOL

Seear's manager could not confirm the casting, but tells me, "She has auditioned and is in consideration with the studio for the role." Check out E! News for more info!

Lefevre Hints at Parallel Plot: Love Triangle / Victoria on Hunt

The more interviews I read with New Moon cast members, the more I get the gut feeling that the New Moon movie will have a sort of parallel plotline that gives Bella’s perspective and Victoria’s perspective. It certainly hints at this with the last scene of Twilight–and the same screenwriter is writing both movies. Rachelle Lefevre hints to this in a new interview–

“The books are all from Bella’s point of view,” she told me. “So there are things in New Moon that get talked about and are referred to, but don’t get described. Victoria spends all of New Moon trying to get to Bella. As a result, she fights werewolves and has encounters. They’ve basically tried to show more for the film. We want to keep the love triangle going, but we’ve kept more of the dark action, vampire-y stuff to keep those fans happy.”

Coupled with the “flittering images” of Edward Cullen that Ashley Greene mentioned , it seems that we’re closer to understanding what they’ll be shining a spotlight on in the movie. I wouldn’t be upset if this was the case–film is a very different medium than print, and the movie doesn’t need to be strictly first-person perspective like the book is.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some More Great NM Posters :) Enjoy!!

Vote for Stephenie to be on Time's 100 List!!

Each year the TIME 100 honors the most influential people in the world, and this year is giving readers a chance to vote on who they think should be on the 2009 list. You can vote for her here.,28804,1883644_1883653_1884592,00.html

According to Time: “Users can rank the level of influence for each person on a scale of 1 (least influential) to 100 (most influential). Last year, Japanese video game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, was voted into the number one spot. The last day of voting is on April 28.

Robert Pattinson is up for ‘Memoirs’

Hollywood Reporter:

Robert Pattinson, who proved his romantic appeal in Summit’s “Twilight,” may play another star-crossed lover in a new project called “Memoirs” that Summit is currently assembling.

Pattinson, who is reprising his role as vampire Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” sequel “The New Moon,” is in early talks to star in the new project, which Allen Coulter is considering directing.

“Memoirs,” based on an orignal screenplay by Will Fetters that will be rewritten by Jenny Lumet, who penned “Rachel Getting Married,” tells of two lovers whose newfound relationship is threatened as they struggle to deal with family tragedies.

Coulter — who directed “Hollywoodland,” which dealt with the death of George Reeves, and who has been nominated for six Emmys for his work on HBO’s “The Sopranos” and FX’s “Damages” — has been in talks about the project, though no deal has been reached.

Nick Osborne and Trevor Engelson would produce via their Underground Films banner, and Summit president of production Erik Feig and vp production Meredith Milton, who brought the project to Summit, will oversee for the studio.

Pattinson is repped by Endeavor, while Coulter and Lumet are repped by ICM.

Yay! we get to see more of Rob’s acting skills!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Moon Movie Now Filming at Jacob’s House

We’ve got a couple of reports in that New Moon is now filming at the set for Jacob Black’s house . However, security is super-tight and no pictures have surfaced yet–VancouverVamp has this to share–

I went by Jake’s house last night to see if I could get a few pics of Bella’s truck for my collection and they were full on filming there! I got to see Taylor and Kristen standing in black rain jackets being talked to a few of the set guys and the guy who plays Billy Black walking around in a white, blue and black polar fleece with his signature hat.

I couldent snap any pics because the set was guarded by POLICE!!! They blocked off all of [redacted] and part of [redacted] in [redacted] for this but seeing that the set is on the corner of the cross streets I was able to slow down to look.

Another source shares a similar story, except she didn’t see Billy Black.

Thanks Amy!! :)

New Moon PG-13 or Rated-R?

Twilight Examiner Amanda Bell has an interesting article on this same topic asking fans if they rather see New Moon movie PG-13 with the best scenes being deleted or a Rated- R.

Will Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner’s Twilight Saga: New Moon be rated R?

Twilight, 2008’s hit book-to-film translation of Stephenie Meyer’s masterpiece novel, was rated PG-13 “for some violence and a scene of sensuality.” That scene of sensuality, as we know, was the ever-elusive kissing scene between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in her bedroom.

The Twilight DVD’s deleted scenes, if included, would have elevated the number of “sensual” scenes by adding one more kiss scene, a playful (but racy) scene between Edward and Bella in the woods, and a vampire lip-lock between Rachelle LeFevre and Cam Gigandet (Victoria and James).

By limiting these scenes in Twilight, the film remained rated PG-13. That “some violence” included the attack of one security guard in Mason County, the attack of Waylan (friend of Bella’s father, Charlie swan), and the attack of Bella by James with Edward’s subsequent rescue.

New Moon, however, if remaining true to Meyer’s book, is guaranteed to contain more violence and sensuality.

fans hope that the movie starts out with a bang. No, not literally, but fans hope that Edward and Bella’s relationship includes more animated lip-locking and romance. After having spent a wonderful summer together, their relationship, like in the book, should be much more touchy-feely.

I think that the movie should be like the book. Leave nothing out! Look at the Twilight deleted scenes, I wish they would’ve made it to the movie and not in special features.

We just have to wait and see.

Would you rather see New Moon as PG-13 or Rated- R?

Edward's Piano Concert---Swoon!!

On Targets 3rd Extra Special Disc, there is a music video made by Catherine Hardwicke of Rob/Edward playing the piano. Its really neat, you see Kris/Bella fade in and away.

Secret Message on DVD Disc 2: How To Tell If You're Addicted to Twilight

Somebody's messing with us TwiCrack Addicts. Apparently, THIS message pops up at the bottom of your telly after the "SCRIPT TO SCREEN" segment on the second Twilight DVD disc. Watch for it after the Summit Logo shows up!

"If you actually watched all the credits you should be treated for OCD...Obsessive Cullen Disorder"

Kristen Stewart: ‘Adventureland’ Sneak Peek

KStew plays Em in the upcoming movie, Adventureland is a comedy set in the summer of 1987 and centered around a recent college grad (Jesse Eisenberg) who takes a nowhere job at his local amusement park, only to find it’s the perfect course to get him prepared for the real world.

Adventureland opens in theaters on April 3.

New Moon Wolf Pack Confirmed by Summit

Summit has issued a press release confirming earlier rumored news of the identity of the wolf pack in the New Moon movie. The confirmed cast is notably missing female recruit Tinsel Korey–rumored to play Emily–and only list the male members of the cast.

Los Angeles, CA — March 23, 2009 — Summit Entertainment announced today that Native American/First Nation actors Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon and Tyson Houseman have signed on to star as the members of the wolf pack in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON. In the film, the wolf pack defends humans against vampires although they have a tribal history intricately entwined with Edward Cullen and his family. The wolf pack members will join Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and fellow wolf pack member Taylor Lautner in the film directed by Chris Weitz which will be released domestically November 20, 2009.

In THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is devastated by the abrupt departure of her vampire love, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) but her spirit is rekindled by her growing friendship with the irresistible Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Suddenly she finds herself drawn into the world of the werewolves, ancestral enemies of the vampires, and finds her loyalties tested.

Each member of the wolf pack is of Native decent. Spencer is Lakota (Sioux), Pelletier is Cree-Metis, Meraz is Purepecha (Tarasco), Gordon is Hualapai, and Houseman, who was discovered at an open casting call, is Cree. Casting of the wolf pack was overseen by award-winning casting director Rene Haynes who is well-known for her work on Native projects ranging from DANCES WITH WOLVES to BURY MY HEART AT WOUNDED KNEE.

The action-packed, modern day vampire love story and blockbuster success of the first film in the series entitled TWILIGHT was released in theatres on November 21, 2008 grossing $60.9 million domestically during its first weekend. To date the film has grossed nearly $380 million worldwide. TWILIGHT was released on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD this past Saturday, March 21st and sold over 3 million DVD units in its first day of release making it one of the top five best first day DVD releases over the past two years.

Wolf Pack Fan art by Randi

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Do You Like Ashley Greene's New Haircut??

So now Ashley has gone and chopped off her long beautiful hair. Friday night she seemed to still have her long hair but Saturday afternoon it was all cut off!! Maybe she did this to not have to wear the infamous Alice wig? We will see!! :)

Twilight: How Bella and Edward Got Their Look

EW has a great article with pictures, explaining the wardrobe choices for Edward and Bella. You know that gorgeous dress Bella wore for Prom?? I can't believe it but the wardrobe designer bought that Max & Cleo dress at Ross for 20 bucks!?!?!

Check out this cool find here:,,20235659_20235667_20266886,00.html

Ashley at Twilight DVD Release Party

People Magazine sat down with Ash at the Twilight DVD Release Party, Friday and got this great interview from her.. check out the video below!! :) She is too sweet!!!

Twilight DVD Sells 3 Million In First Day!!!

Hey Everyone,Great Numbers...The DVD is a BEST SELLER!!! See this nice article from Twilight Lexicon!

So the numbers are finally in and Twilight soared into the top 5 biggest first day sales in the last two years. “We are incredibly appreciative that TWILIGHT fans came out to once again support this film at our midnight events across the nation,” said Steve Nickerson, Summit’s President of Home Entertainment. “With such a successful first day sales, it is apparent that our fans remain passionate about the TWILIGHT SAGA and want to own a piece of the Edward and Bella story they have come to love. We look forward to the continued success for both the home entertainment and retail sales of this property as a whole.”You can read the Press Release in :

Peter Facinelli Cancels His Flight to Spend Time With Soldiers & Their Families at the Fort Lewis, WA Base Twilight DVD Signing

Friday at 7pm: Peter Facinelli aka Dr. Cullen attended a free screening of Twilight at Fort Lewis Washington base. Theater attendance was free to all military and their dependents. After the screening, Peter did a Q&A for all attending.Saturday from 9:30am to 10:30pm: Peter stayed to do autographs and pictures. He did this without lunch or dinner he spent quality time with his fans and there was no limit on how many items you wanted signed. He also took pictures with his fans as well, and Peter canceled his flight tonight due to the overwhelming amount of fans that were in attendance; he refused to leave until all fans were able to have their DVDs signed.Peter said he was given a choice of coming to a DVD signing in Chicago or Fort Lewis , and he chose Fort Lewis as he wanted to thank soldiers and families for their service. I witnessed Peter thank and shake every soldiers hand that came thru the line I commend peter for his time. He is truly the most classy and giving of any of the cast of the Twilight series. I personally stood in line from 11am to 8pm to get a signature and behind me were probably 100 more fans!!!

Thanks TwiCrack for this tidbit!! :)

Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz & Rachelle Lefevre at Kitson

They Look Awesome!! :)

Beach Scene Being Filmed

Kristin Stewart, who plays Isabella Swan in the Twilight Saga's New Moon,walks down the beach at Incinerator Rock Friday, March 20, 2009, where they were shooting the beach scene. Taylor Lautner was there, check out this website for more pics!! :) Check out the whole article, as well as the full set of pictures!

Bella’s Truck with Dirtbikes at Jacob’s House Set!!!

Bella’s truck was spotted at the set for Jacob Black’s house and garage, with two dirtbikes in the back of the truck. Twilight-Gossip captured these awesome pics and video yesterday. Looks like things are really heating up on the New Moon production near Vancouver!