Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Moon Custom Converse Chucks!

How awesome are these??
Want a bit more Twilight in your life? Want to be a bit more unique than the rest of the Twilighters? No more shirts, pins, necklaces, and wrist band-welcome to the world of Twilight CONVERSE! Available in a myriad of designs and colors they are practically a make your own Twilight keepsake. For your feet. Now let us introduce you to Sandira from The converse are painted with the highest quality materials, and sealed with a protective top coat to ensure durability. These shoes are meant to be worn! They are available in any size and color that converse makes. I can also customize low tops. I can ship to anywhere in the world, and thanks to the efficiency of UK Royal mail, shipping prices are kept at a minimum =)

The Taylor Lautner Album! =)

Robert Pattinson is not the only sexy "Twilight" hunk to have his own full-color picture book. Our hottie Taylor Lautner will have one, too! A true Taylor fan will want to own a copy of "The Taylor Lautner Album" by Amy Carpenter. This illustrated 96 page book is now available for pre-order on

Description of "The Taylor Lautner Album"Thanks to his performance as lovelorn werewolf Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga and his years of acting in movies and television, Taylor Lautner is an upcoming international star with an already established global fanbase.The Taylor Lautner Album recounts his life and career to date, from his formative years in Michigan and early martial arts achievements to his first television roles, his lucky break in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D, his devotion to his fans, his experiences auditioning for and making Twilight, and how he had to fight to be recast as Jacob Black in the sequels by embarking upon a punishing gym regime.It also explores life on the New Moon set, Lautner’s relationships with his costars, and his plans for the next films in The Twilight Saga. Illustrated throughout with stunning, full-color photographs, this book is a worthy and beautifully crafted addition to any fan’s collection.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fan Video: New Moon Trailer

Made by sanyiaa! *Warning this video contains scenes that were shown at Comic Con-be aware, heavy spoilers! =) I like how well crafted this video is, its one of my favorites.

Fan Made Poster Goodness!

Check out more made by FilmFanaticFrances

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Moon Inspired Song Video

Like a knife by Secondhand Serenade.. Beautiful!

Amazing Fan Made New Moon Manip

How cool is this manip? You get the feel of the reunion in Volterra under the Clock Tower. Posted on our New Moon Facebook page. Still looking for the creator of this awesome manip =)

New Moon Trailer Gifs--Enjoy! =)

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Collective Soul’s New Album and Twilight DVD Giveaway!!

Collective Soul has a new album out TODAY! You may remember them from their track off the first Twilight soundtrack, “Tremble for my Beloved.” Check out the widget to hear some songs from their new album, plus enter for a chance to WIN a copy of the new album and a copy of “Twilight” on DVD!

MTV's TayStew Interview: Insights into key New Moon scenes

MTV has a new interview with Kristen and Taylor up, where they talk about their characters, the scenes that they're eager for fans to see, and what parts were toughest to film. Here is an excerpt:

  • MTV: He is very huggable. Tell us about one scene that you read either in Stephenie Meyer's book or in Melissa Rosenberg's screenplay that you were like, "Man, that's going to be tough to pull off," and tell us how you were able to figure it out.
  • Stewart: "New Moon" is riddled with all of that. I think it's the one book in the series that I was intimidated by — in a good way. That's the best feeling to start a movie with. But probably, my favorite line in the book is when I have to say to [Jacob], "It's him; it's always been him!" Like, I have to say that. Yeah, it killed me, it killed me.
  • MTV: It was a tough day to shoot?
  • Stewart: Yeah, and just like everything in our movie, it's such a heightened version of reality. It's like, people don't just break up [in the "Twilight" films] — they break up and it literally kills you. It's not like you just say, "Oh, I'm really depressed and crying." Everything is supposed to be a fantasy version of that. So I always had a really hard time figuring out, "Am I doing enough? Do I look like I'm going to die?"
  • MTV: Yeah, it would be tough to be the most dramatic person in the world, but without being cheesy. And Taylor?
  • Lautner: ["New Moon"] is very complicated. There's a lot of heartbreak, there's a lot of things going on. Edward leaves at the beginning, she goes into this depression, I come to try and bring her out of it. Then I go through my own issues, and then she leaves me. It's all over the place, and there's a lot going on, and there's many of those scenes that you described.
  • MTV: Which was your favorite to shoot?
  • Lautner: My favorite one was — well, we call it the breakup scene — but it's the scene right after she sees me shirtless and I've cut off my hair, all different for the first time. I have to tell her that we can't be friends anymore.
  • Stewart: He attempts to break up with me — but it doesn't work out.
  • Read the rest at MTV.

Edi Dishes on Seeing Completed New Moon

Video: Alex Meraz is H-O-T!!

Twilight: New Moon hottie Alex Meraz, in a video portrait by Tyler Shield.

Dustin Milligan could of been Edward?!

90210 alum Dustin Milligan talks about his audition for the role of Edward Cullen, working with Kristen Stewart in "The Messengers" and "In The Land Of Women" and yep, he tried very hard to copy Rob's British accent (but failed lol) in his interview with accenthollywood..Thx, Robstenation!

Do I love fan made posters or what?!? lol

Only posting because I want to give props to myself for this cast poster =) haha
Hope you like it!

"Twilight In Forks" documentary

The Twilight Examiner reports that MTV is partnering with the creators of the documentary "Twilight in Forks" - read the article at MTV and check out their interview below:

Video of KStew & RPattz-looks like Kissing!

Looks like them to me, LOL. Saw this vid from the mothership, Robsten Lovers.
Thought we would share it with you. Video by Opsable.

Thanks Robstenation!

Humans Arrive in VanCity for Eclipse!

Thanks TCA!.. See more pics at Lainey.

Twi-Con hits road, R U going 2 be there? :)

Are you ready for this???
The official Twilight fan convention is touring both nationally and internationally!
  • The Twi-Con has scheduled 20 dates over the next three years, including a stop in Los Angeles March 12th-14th, 2010, at the LAX Marriott, for all of you SoCal kids!
    The conventions are said to feature "exclusive footage sneak-peaks, panel discussions, photo opportunities, contests and parties," as well as meet and greets with Kellan Lutz and Ashley Green!
  • There will even be invites to "wine and cheese parties" with the cast members of Twilight auctioned off! Yummy! "This allows fans to interact with actors in many different ways," explained Erin Ferries, VP of Creation Entertainment, the company behind the convention.
  • He continued: "This is really about different people coming together who share the same passion and love for, not only the books, but the movies, and come to immerse themselves around Twilight."
Thoughts???? =)

Fan Made Manip Goodness

How cool is this Volturi Poster? YukitaBizarra

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

‘Eclipse’ Filming Location for 8.26.09

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is prepping David Thompson High School for a shoot on August 26th overnight to the 27th. Cast arrives at YVR tomorrow. Over 100 background actors who were used in New Moon will return to the high school for continuity. (Thanks so much to our anonymous tipster/source)

Whoaa Edward & Bella Wedding Manip

How awesome is this manip? Thanks, carol.

More EW Photo Outtakes of Robward

View more goodness here Source! =)

David Slade Tweets About Rob & Kris on Set

Although we haven't seen any sightings of Rob like the rest of the cast, this is confirmation that schmexy Rob is in the area, haha.

Another New Moon Calendar =)

P.s. You can order yours here :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Eclipse Set Pic: Newborn Seattle Scenes

This is the background from the scene that I predict is a Seattle Scene with the Newborns.
See more here! =)

Interview with New Moon Director Chris Weitz

MTV has a new interview with New Moon director Chris Weitz, where he reveals more details on how the movie will differ from the perspective of the book–

MTV: Obviously, “New Moon” is written from the perspective of Bella. But Melissa Rosenberg recently told us about a scene with Victoria that gets away from Kristen’s point of view. Are there other moments like that?

Weitz: It’s from Bella’s point of view … but, for instance, when Alice has a vision of Edward about to commit suicide, we see her vision. To me, that’s fair — because, in the book, Alice conveys that immediately to Bella, and you can see Bella imagining what Alice is saying. At points where a reader of the book might logically imagine a scenario, it was OK for the filmmakers — me — to imagine seeing something that would be outside of Bella’s knowledge at that point. Or something that’s within the scope of her imagination. She fears the worst, really, in terms of Edward.

[thanks, Crazy4Cullens!]

More Leaked Rob Photoshoot Pics

My fav!!

Rob you are the cheese to my macaroni!! =)
More here!

Designers Create Bella's Wedding Dress

Bare shoulder? I think not!
InStyle features various designers' takes on Bella's wedding dress, including the one above by Project Runway's Christian Siriano. Check out your faves here.

Personally, I like Monique Lhullier's creation best, but other designs are likely more to Edward's taste...What do you think?

Monique Lhullier's design

Lela Rose's design seems to be among your faves!

Thanks, TCA!

BooBoo Stewart = Seth Clearwater

Eclipse star BooBoo Stewart poses at the official launch of New Disney & Muppet Myzos held at the Fred Segal boutique on Saturday afternoon (August 22) in Santa Monica, Calif.
The 15-year-old actor dished to Popstar! recently about his upcoming role in The Twilight Saga flick.
Popstar! tweeted, “BooBoo says it was a fan who told him he should try out for the role of Seth Clearwater that first got him interested. He doesn’t head over to the set until mid-September but he’s actually known Taylor Lautner since he was 10 years old.”

I think he is so cute but not how I envisioned Seth Clearwater. Everyone's perceptions are different but I'm excited for Eclipse and I am sure he will do an awesome job! =)

Eclipse Info straight from David Slade

From the set photos we saw on Friday & hearing that Dakota has finished her part as Jane, we can pretty much tell that the core to the climax of the story has been shot.

Grodansnagel's Fan Made New Moon Posters

Wow look at Edward as a see through image just like in the movie!
Grodansnagel is one talented lady. She's very detail oriented and never leaves a flaw in her awesome fan made goodness. Her one fan made poster of Jane made it onto national television! It was so good, they thought it was the real deal! =)

Twilight-New Moon LOVE Wallpaper

I love this poster made by PattinsonLOVE. It shows the progression of the love between Edward and Bella from both films. And what love is more genuine than theirs?

More New Moon Merchandise =)

In case you didn't think it was possible... although the bookmarks and calendar aren't new news, I actually really like the style of the bracelets but wish they were the Cullen crest and wolf-pack tattoo instead... just me?Thanks Thinking of Rob & TCA! =)