Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Twi-Con hits road, R U going 2 be there? :)

Are you ready for this???
The official Twilight fan convention is touring both nationally and internationally!
  • The Twi-Con has scheduled 20 dates over the next three years, including a stop in Los Angeles March 12th-14th, 2010, at the LAX Marriott, for all of you SoCal kids!
    The conventions are said to feature "exclusive footage sneak-peaks, panel discussions, photo opportunities, contests and parties," as well as meet and greets with Kellan Lutz and Ashley Green!
  • There will even be invites to "wine and cheese parties" with the cast members of Twilight auctioned off! Yummy! "This allows fans to interact with actors in many different ways," explained Erin Ferries, VP of Creation Entertainment, the company behind the convention.
  • He continued: "This is really about different people coming together who share the same passion and love for, not only the books, but the movies, and come to immerse themselves around Twilight."
Thoughts???? =)

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