Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ashley Greene arriving on set!

Yesterday we swooned over the Bella & Edward Reunion Pics. Here's Ashley arriving later to shoot scenes as we were in bed this morning. View more pics here!

First Glimpse Trailer this weekend on MTV!

Twilight-Saga Inspired Tattoos.... OUCH!

The Cullen Crest

Jacob Black Inspired Tattoo..
These Tats are awesome... Too Bad Im Too Big of a Chicken to get one! :)

The Kiss.. Frozen in Time.. Sighhhh..


New Set Shots mean New FM Posters

Check out this poster. WOWZA.. its hot.. and made by the ever so talented: StrawberryCake01

Yesterdays NM Fountain/Kiss Pic Video

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Edwards Chest..Fountain..Reunion Kiss!!

Originally had these posted but see more pics at Lainey Gossip. They have tons more and better quality shots!! :)

Some Wicked New Moon Posters & Manips

Hey, Look.. Its Jane!! Dakota in makeup!!

Lion & Lamb Love has a ton of photos from Italy yesterday, including one of JANE in make-up. Go check out their entire gallery here.

Rob & Kris On Set: Getting Makeup Retouch!

Check out these pics of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on the set of New Moon in Italy! Robert Pattinson is completely decked out in Edward Cullen gear, and Kristen Stewart is getting her makeup touched up to transform into Bella Swan.

Check out all the pics at the X17 gallery.

Volterra Time: Edward & Bella Spotted..oops I mean Rob & Kris :) has some exclusive pics from the New Moon set - check 'em all out.

Official New Moon Poster with a twist!

Check out this poster made by StrawberryCake01.. WOW.. Summit Needs To Hire some of these guys. They are so talented! :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Edward Showing Skin On Set...Possible Shirtless Reveal? :-)

See more at RPattzDaily thanks to Jessi.

Bella & Jacob New Moon Poster

I love how this poster shows the friendship and love Bella and Jacob have for one another. Thanks: Hazeena20

Short Video from New Moon Shoot in Italy

Red Shirts.. Red Cloaks.. Whooaa.. Fast Yellow Porsche coming Through! :)

Jacob vs. Edward Poster

Check out this New Moon fan poster featuring edited versions of Jacob Black and Edward Cullen from the official New Moon poster. They are facing each other, with Bella Swan nowhere to be seen.

Thanks to Nikitajuice for sending in! :)

Charlie Bewley & Daniel Cudmore in Italy

Volturi vamps Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore are set to star in New Moon and were spotted in Italy where filming is taking place. Newcomer Charlie Bewley is looking particularly dashing in the Italian sunlight!

Check out the rest of the pics at the Insider, as well as a new interview with Charlie at the TwiLex.

[thanks, Georgia!]

Wowza, Now here's some posters!!

Holy Smokes, look at that Jacob Manip. HOT!
Thanks to Georgia over at live-love-twilight for finding this awesome mashup of the two official New Moon Posters made my MAH! :)

Official New Moon Website Unveiled!

Summit has updated the official Twilight Saga Website to reflect New Moon. The site is pretty sparse right now, but you can now download wallpapers, send e-cards or grab the official New Moon widget.

Check out the new site at