Friday, May 15, 2009

Leaving it off with More NM Posters..Lastly..

Rumors are that OFFICIAL New Moon Posters are to be released this weekend! :) Yey, hopefully a good Volturi poster! :)

So I am posting the last of the Fan Made Posters from the Facebook Page for now. Enjoy!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Awesome Victoria Poster!!

My Friend Ashley found this awesome poster of Victoria made by mayeltot.

New Moon Posters

Found these posted on the Facebook New Moon Group. Enjoy!! Don't know who the owners are though, since they were never credited when they were posted on Facebook.

The Human, Wolf, & Vamps are out to play...

Found these awesome pictures of the cast over on Twilight Fascination, a French Twilight Site :) I thought these were amazing, especially seeing Kris, Rob, Tay, Cameron and Dakota all together hanging out. Can't wait for the movie to come out!!

Nikki Reed Out and About in LA

I love Nikki Reed and her quirky sense of style. Saying so, I had to post these photos I found over on justjared. IMO, Nikki rocks because she's been very independent growing up and thats girl power, ya'll! :)

More Pics here :)

Got New Moon Posters...?? I do...!!

I absolutelty love the first poster. It's very much like the many others we have seen. But the next three, struck me odd at first. But now I love them because they are different and unique. Great Job Guys!! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SM wins Author of the Year Award!

Twilight Lexicon : Stephenie Meyer won the Author of the Year Award last night in the teen category for her novel Breaking Dawn. According to Mediabistro:

“The winners were chosen in six categories, broken down by age groups–220,000 online votes were cast by children around the country. The awards ceremony celebrated the 90th observance of Children’s Book Week, which lasts from May 11-17, 2009.”

Congratulations Stephenie!!

Michael Welch Interiview On NM & Eclipse

Twilight Pictures, Images and Photos
Larry Richman has a nice long interview with Michael Welch where they discuss Michael’s experience on New Moon, what it was like to work with Chris Weitz, and when they will be getting back into character for Eclipse. The first half of the interview is solely Twilight related, but they move into other topics around 5:40.

To listen to the interview, click here.

Visit Michael Welch’s myspace page, here. And make sure to add TA to your friends on myspace, here.

I love what Michael has to say about New Moon. He makes it sound like New Moon is going to be a lot more polished than Twilight was. Again we are hearing nothing but wonderful things about director Chris Weitz. Michael also seems to grasp exactly who the character of Mike Newton is, I look forward to seeing him in New Moon. And an August start date for filming Eclipse!
What did you think of this interview? What did you think of what Michael had to say about New Moon ?

Thanks Twilighters Anonymous!

Fans Scalping Over Bella's NM Jacket..?!

Found this story over on TMZ about fans forking out hundreds of dollars for Bella's/Kristen's $59 Billabong jacket on the set of "New Moon," rabid fans quickly feasted on every last one available in stores across the country. Now, some opportunistic peeps are trying to flip the military-esque outerwear on eBay for upwards of $350 -- and people are actually buying them!!!!!!!!!!!

Of Course, More Posters..

These awesome posters were posted on my facebook fan page. And for the life of me, I can not find them anywhere to give credit to the rightful owner. If you find who made these, please let me know. They are awesome! :)

Happy 23rd Birthday Rob!!!

Happy Birthday Rob!! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

See the Full NM Trailer in August, If....

Good News: Twilighters Anonymous shares exciting the news that the full-length New Moon trailer will be revealed during the August 14th release of Band Slam, some Summit-backed movie starring Vanessa Hudgens.

Bad News: The full-length New Moon trailer will be revealed during the August 14th release of Band Slam, some Summit-backed movie starring Vanessa Hudgens. (Meh. Seriously, can I endure this?)

Read more about it at Twilighters Anonymous.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Breaking Dawn Possibly Moving Forward??

Twilight Examiner reports that 'Breaking Dawn' has gone from being 'Optioned Property' to being a 'Script' in IMDBPro and has a planned spring 2010 start date, which means that Renesmee could be coming to a big screen near you in the future.We know that IMDB isn't always reliable (remember Bella's Stove?), but hopefully we have a fourth movie to look forward to!

Thanks TwiCrack! :) My Buttload of Posters!

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TwiCrack Addict is one of my favorite bloggers and her page inspired me to create one of my own. And over the weekend, she referenced me for the Paul Poster (thanks to my co-affiliate Twi-Freaks) and called my page awesome and that I have a buttload of posters. Well, thank you TwiCrack! & every other blog out there for referencing me. I love the manips and posters. So keep coming back, because I will have more and more up. Maybe I should change my name to Obsessed Twi-Manips. haha.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Closer Look Into The Wolf Pack Tattoo

Check out this mockup of the New Moon wolf pack tattoo, based on the picture of the wolf pack that was released in April. A friend of TwiFans made this illustration in Photoshop as a best guess of what the finished tattoo looks like up close.

I’m definitely seeing a few things like you might in a Rorschach inkblot from this illustration. Anyone else see the head-on face of a wolf, with the nose at the bottom and eyes on either side at the top? How about two symmetric wolves sitting on their hind legs in profile, facing each other while howling, with their mouths meeting at the top center?