Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fan Made Poster Goodness!!!

Yey, some more fan made posters! Made by StrawberryCake01

New Moon Trading Cards

View & Get More Details Here! =)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rob in Mexico's Joy Magazine

Yowza! =)
See more pics & interview here.

AMC: See Twilight-New Moon back 2 back

AMC Theatres if offering you the chance to ‘Relive the Saga’ and watch Twilight at 9pm followed by a midnight showing of New Moon!

New Posters & Tees at Hot Topic!

Hot Topic has a new variety of tees & posters available online and in stores.  But what caught my eye is the new poster above! It's called, "Edward dreaming about Bella"  Well we all know these vamps don't sleep but we do know that while Edward was away all he did was think/dream of Bella.  So its nice to see a variation of both sides. There's buttloads more of goodies so go check them out here! =)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

NEW Wolf Pack Promo Pic=HOT!

Thanks Lori for the tip!

More New Moon Stills! =)

Thanks Twifans! =) Clicky for bigger! All added to the official website as well!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ECLIPSE:First Movie Promo Still! =)

Get yours in People Magazine! =)
Update Below-HQ/Untagged Version!

New Website Volturi Lair Pictures has been updated with the Volturi Lair and here are the pics shown.  Its because its where you move your mouse and the screen moves around the room. I'm sure we will see better quality soon =) Thanks ThinkingofRob!

NM Soundtrack Early Release This Friday!

Can we demand to see the movie earlier? haha.. =)

Via Twilight Twitter - Twilight Saga's Official Movie Twitter! =)

Brand new New Moon Movie Stills

Thanks Twifans! =)