Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stephenie Meyer's Favorite Band, MUSE, to perform at MTV Music Video Awards

Time is running out - Twilight
I'm not sure that Muse's impending appearance at the MTV music video awards on September 13th qualifies as real Twilight news either, but it's an excuse to re-share Mitsukakecat's awesome Time is Running Out video! MTV shares the following about Muse's Twilight connection:

Any member of Team Edward (or Team Jacob) can surely tell you that Muse are Stephenie Meyer's favorite band — she thanked them for their inspiration and called them "rock gods" in "New Moon" and "Eclipse," and then decided to dedicate "Eclipse" to the band for providing "a saga's worth of inspiration." Their "Supermassive Black Hole" also appeared on the soundtrack for the "Twilight" film.But, perhaps not everyone who's read the books is aware of the full impact the band had on Meyer ... their music even influenced key scenes in the series, as she told MTV News last year."I was in Forks [Washington, the city where 'Twilight' is based] with my sister — before any of the books had come out, just sort of scoping it out," Meyer said. "I was working on 'Eclipse' at the time, and I had [Muse's album] Absolution in, and 'Hysteria' came on and, in my mind, the kiss scene between [Bella] and Jacob just choreographed itself, down to how many steps he took toward her. So whenever I read that now, I always hear the song in my mind."

Read the rest at MTV.I *love* this video and could watch it over and over again!! From -TCA, one of the best Twilight blogs out there! =)

Now This Is The Twilight Meadow!! =)

Brilliant. Amazing. Desciption Just Like Book. =)

Ashley Greene at Cosmopolitan Mag. Party

Ash attended the Cosmopolitan Magazine party yesterday and she looks so cute!!

Illustrated Movie Companion Lower Price!

The Official Illustrated Movie Companion was blasted around the web a few weeks ago but I just wanted to let everyone know that Amazon has the PRICE REDUCED for the next two weeks. It's only 12 bucks now, instead of the $18.99 price.

Just wanted to pass on the info, I just ordered mine!! I know times are tough and money is tight so just a few dollars cheaper does help, hehe! Cant wait for the cover to be released! =)

Official Comic-Con Details!! =)

Have you seen this picture before? If not, then click here to see more never before seen pictures of the cast of Twilight the movie at Comic-Con.

Here are some more details regarding Twilight at Comic Con on Thursday, July 23.
Rob and Kristen have not been confirmed to attend though but hopefully that will change!! =)

1:45p.m. to 2:45 p.m. in Hall H:

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON – The highly anticipated sequel to last year’s box-office smash TWILIGHT is the subject of a question-and-answer session featuring surprise members of the cast. In anticipation of being one of the convention’s most talked-about events, the panel will also thrill the crowd with a first look at never-before-seen footage from the film. With THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) and Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) return in a captivating new chapter of the action epic that has enthralled audiences around the world.

Special Evening TWILIGHT Screenings Summit is also proud to present “The Twilight Experience,” a one-night-only special theatrical re-release of global sensation TWILIGHT, featuring an introduction by cast members.
Screening tickets are $10 and can only be purchased online at Fandango ( and picked up at the theater prior to the event. Multiple staggered showings of TWILIGHT will take place at the Pacific Gaslamp 15. Doors open at 5:30 and fans with tickets will be admitted on a first-come, first-seated basis. The Pacific Gaslamp 15 is located at 701 5th Ave., just a few blocks from the Convention Center. Two tickets per person limit.

Photo Booth, Giveaways and More!
Throughout the convention, visitors to the Summit Entertainment booth in the Grand Hall will have the opportunity to have their pictures taken in an exclusive THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON photo booth and collect special edition trading cards for the film. They can also meet the CG-animated versions of classic characters brought to new life in ASTRO BOY. With each spin of the prize wheel, lucky visitors will win promotional giveaways or exclusive prizes.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

100 Monkeys Back In Dallas =)

If your in the Dallas area you have two chances to see 100 Monkeys perform outside of Twicon. After their Con performance Friday the 31st, the will be performing at Poor David's Pub on Lamar St., tickets are $12. The following Saturday night, they perform at The Palladium which will be an all ages show, those tickets are $19.99. I would love to see them Saturday night except that's the night of the ball. I'm still on the fence about seeing them Friday night. I'll probably buy a ticket anyways. Get all the information on their Myspace page.
Thanks TwiGossip!! =)

Meet Everleigh Ray Gigandet! Had to Post!! =)

Who could resist this cutie — even if you’re not a vampire? We'll I can’t!

Dominique Geisendorff introduces Everleigh Ray, her 3-month-old daughter with Twilight hunk Cam Gigandet, at the Private Label debut, held at The Little Seed last Thursday evening in Los Angeles.
How Cute Is She?? Just too adorable! Maybe she can play little baby Rensmee in Breaking Dawn, hehe. She'll probably have acting chops just like her daddy!! =)
Thanks CelebrityBabyBlog, for the cute pic and info!

2008 Rom Film Fesitval Rob & Kris Outtakes

Amazing Pic!! There's eleven gorgeous HQ outtakes that have been added to the Rome portrait session Rob and Kristen did late last year. Some of them are the same as previous outtakes we've seen, but these are with prettier coloring. Enjoy! See the rest here!

Breaking Dawn--Meadow/Ocean Scene Manip

Monday, July 13, 2009

Limited Edition Red-Edges Twilight Books =)

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At Amazon UK, you can now buy red edged special editions of Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse!
Thanks Make Me A Vampire

NEW: Rob, Kris & Nikki Interview + Unknown Facts About the Cast & New Moon Movie!

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Rob interview:
Before Twilight came out you could still walk in the road and not be recognized. Do you miss that kind of life?
*sighs* I don't know, it's hard to say? For the moment I'm in the middle of something that I can't get use to or control. It's hard, very hard at times.What is hard?People watching me. I've always hated it when people looked at le. When I was a kid I would sit alone at a table for lunch or sit in the back of the bus and kids would look at me, it drived me nuts! I have no clue why but it's always made me feel incredible insecuse, to the point of being sick. All I wanted was to become part of the scenery of become invisibe. I've always had a paronoid nature. So you can imagine how I feel right now...
Still, it must feel good to feel all that love from the fans, right?
It is! I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it. But more and more often I find myslef in the middle of these crazy scenes that freak me out. Idon't mind it when a fan comes ip and asks nicely for an autograph. I never refuse when I get asked nicely and calmly. But when they try to touch me and attack me, I can't handle it. It makes me sick. Like I said, I'm paranoid and I'm always scared someone is going to hurt me.

Kristen interview:
Do you feel forced to say that Rob isn't your boyfriend to stop the rumors?
Yes, even though it doesn't change anything. Since we spend a lot of time together on and off the set, there's a lot of pictures of us. That was enough to start rumors that were totally false. But we're just friends. I'm still dating Michael Angarano. He's 3 years older than me and I've been in love with him for a long time now. I already had a crush on him when I was 13, but at the time he was 16 and are relationship was impossible. And then the years passed and, one day our age difference didn't matter anymore. I told myself: "Nothing can stop me from kissing him now".And there you go. He's amazing.
Do all these rumors complicate your relationship?
No. Sometimes it's weird for me, but fortunatly Michael isn't the type to feel threatned by that. Still, I don't understand why the press wants Rob and me to be together so badly...

Nikkie interview:
Did you always agree with the directors choice for your character?
To be honest I had a couple of moments where I was scared. There were times were I disagreed with what they said. And not only with what concerns Rosalie. We were all very concerned when they questioned whether or not Taylor would be replaced. Kristen and me were in Africa when we found out he would keep his role. I'm very proud of him. We can say that he really fought for his role. The saga wouldn't have been the same without him.

Read more of the interview here! =)

Now a couple facts you may not have known:
- In the poster for New Moon, Taylor stands on a stoll to look taller! (Taylor is 15cm smaller than Rob in real life).
- Michael, Kristen's boyfriend, and Rob are good friends. It's not rare to see them hanging out at bars together.
- After the triologie Rob will be in Unbound Captives in which he will learn how to speak Comanche because his dialogues are not in english.
- Jackson will appear in Dread, Hurt, The Last Airbender, and The Lord Of Chaos (a true story).
- Rob and Kristen each have a black Mercedes with a driver while they film the Twilight saga. The others have a white mini bus.
- People had to hold Rob up from behind so he wouldn't fall when Kristen ran into him Montepulciano, Italy.
- Kellan was the one who helped Rob work out to get those abs.
- Nikki and Kellan came to Italy with Rob and Kristen.
- Rob is composing some music for another movie he loves - he can't give us any names yet - so sooner or later we will hear more of his music.

Christopher Heyerdahl Reveals NM Details

ScifiWire has an exclusive Q&A with Christopher Heyerdahl, who plays Marcus in New Moon. Here is an excerpt where he talks about his role:

"He's one of the oldest vampires on the planet, and who doesn't want to play a 3,000-year-old vampire?" Heyerdahl said. "The cast that I get to work with, like Michael Sheen. ... We had so much fun goofing off together. It was an absolute hoot. Director Chris Weitz's version for this piece is like a Renaissance painting. The images were absolutely beautiful, and the character is such a tragic old fellow."Heyerdahl adds: "Here's how I approach him. When Marcus is brought in, he's there against his will. He and his love tried to leave an awfully long time ago. Through a series of tragic circumstances, the love of his life was killed, and he's now being forced to stay and use his powers for the betterment of the Volturi. He's not exactly there, waking up and looking forward to eternity.When Edward and Bella come walking in, his ability to sense the power of their connection is something that wakes him up, brings him back from the boredom of that eternal life and sparks something in him that brings Marcus as close to excitement as he can get. That idea has to be contained and expressed as little as possible to his rather power-hungry captain-in-arms, Aro, which makes for a rather interesting conflict. You might not know it, but Marcus is pretty darn excited by this love that he witnesses. At the same time, it causes him great pain with the memory of what he had and lost. It was very complex to play, especially when you are doing it with so few lines. It will be interesting to see how it is cut together."Wow, I can't wait for this movie!!

Read the rest of the interview here. [via New Moon Movie]

Ashley to appear on Alexa Chung Show!

Ashley Greene will be on the MTV talk show It's On with Alexa Chung.

7.16.09 Thursday, Entourage star Adrian Grenier will help Alexa close out the week, along with Ashley Greene, a Kid Cudi performance and a little bit of 'What's Happening' with Iliza Schlesinger. Support Ash, tune in and watch!! =)

Tied in Book-Movie Posters=Amazing!! =)