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Dakota is Drama Teen:Style Magazine

Grodansnagel's fan made Heidi & Demetri

Grodansnagel is amazing. Check out her latest additions! =)

Wyck Godfrey talks KStew's performance as Bella:Bring the Kleenex for New Moon! shares a great interview with Wyck Godfrey, Twilight & New Moon Producer, that was conducted during the springtime. Here is a quick excerpt, where Wyck talks about how well KStew knows the character of Bella:
  • "Kristen is so amazingly on it, in terms of what Bella would say, and what she would do. Like we will be in a scene, and she will be like, “No, Bella wouldn’t do that, she would do this.” And your like, she’s right! She’s got it. She’s so amazing in this film. I mean, the levels that she lets herself go to, in terms of being torn apart. We were talking to Jillian and Aaron from the studio, and they’re all watching the dailies, like, “We are going to have to hand out boxes of Kleenex!” Like every time you watch a scene, you’re like, that was even more emotional than the last scene! I mean you’ve got Edward breaking up with Bella, and you’ve got Jacob in the rain when she shows up and he hasn’t returned her calls, it’s the most heartbreaking scene, it’s amazing. Then, the final scene of the movie, we shot her saying goodbye to Jacob, it’s just great."

Get ready to *sob*. :-) Read the rest here.

Even More New Moon Screen Caps! =)

More New Moon Trailer Screen Caps!! =)

Paul looks a tad bit angry
Holy Crow, she looks scary!! Watch out Bella!!
Swim Bella, Swim..
Woot Woo
Amazing! But not how I visioned it in my head though
Stop hurting my Edward!
Holy Smokes, "Dont Make Me Angry" hottie!

See more at Thinking Of Rob

Teen Vogue Premiere Sweepstakes: Win a Chance to go to the New Moon Premiere! =)

Teen Vogue & Conde Nast invite you to enter to win a chance to attend the New Moon premiere. If you haven't already submitted your entry, here is a reminder! Enter Teen Vogue Premiere Sweepstakes here.

Thx, TCA!

Pack leader Chaske Spencer Interview =)

Chaske Spencer, who returns to the role of Sam Uley as Eclipse films in Vancouver, tells OK! how the guys — including Taylor Lautner, who gained 30 lbs. to play Jacob Black — stay in supernatural shape.

  • “Between takes we’ll do push ups and they keep dumbbells on set. We’re constantly working out,” said the Oklahoma native at the Staples ‘Do Something 101′ school supply drive.

  • [The key is] muscle confusion — using the same muscles but with different routines. I’ve been eating six meals a day: fish, chicken, vegetables and protein shakes.” Still Chaske admits, “It’ll be nice to be a couch potato again.”

  • When we spoke to Chaske, he had spent the morning with dozens of other volunteers — including singers Ciara and Leah Renee — stuffing backpacks full of school supplies so that they could be distributed to disadvantaged kids. He explained why it is a cause close to his heart.“I’m originally from Montana and Idaho and a lot of people there live on Native American reservations, so there is a lot of poverty.“I understand the importance of when someone can’t afford something. I remember my dad, who also coached football, would buy some of his players football shoes when they couldn’t afford it,” said Chaske.“He wouldn’t say anything, he wouldn’t make it known, but he would buy them football shoes and they would have them in their locker. So I learned that from my father, to give back.”

Now who says that werewolves are mean? Chaske is such a down to earth, sweet guy!! =)

What New Moon Scene are you looking forward to?

I'm most looking forward to the pivotal cliff diving scene. I'm really curious to see how it all turns out. From the new trailer, the snippet we see looks awesome and I feel for Bella at that certain point. I want to feel the desperation and see how KStew portrays the recklessness!

New Moon Trailer in English=AWESOME =)

Clicky to watch - the sound is off for the first few secondsEEEK!
Thanks KStewartFan & TCA

Lexicon:100 Monkeys Album Now Available

The new Create Control Live Sessions album is now available at in the Monkey Mart.

It’s also available in MP3 format for you iPod & player junkies! =)

I'm going to check them out on itunes now! =) or order here!

Thanks LEXI!

Summit is leaving No Traces Behind of trailer

Summit pretty much did all it can on Wednesday, pulling the leaked new New Moon Trailer in French. And by many media blogs and outlets, said the trailer would most likely be up again Friday without any pullage. But now that looks like Summit has still put the breaks on allowing fans to see the new trailer, even after its already been premiered on Bandslam since 12am! =) I've had 4 videos sent to me from fans who went and saw bandslam last night. But Summit has put the kaboosh on letting the videos stay put. Guess we have to wait for Summit to release it, we do have 2 clips premiering tomorrow at the Phoenix Convention. Hopefully we will get treated with all 3!

UPDATE!!! Here is the link to the New Moon Trailer in English and in better quality! =)

Is this Radiohead’s Song for NM Soundtrack?

A new Radiohead song has his the streets, and no one seems to know where it came from, or what release it’s for. Could it possibly be the song for the New Moon soundtrack? The lyrics seem to fit
  • “These Are My Twisted Words” (which may or may not be the actual title) is a tune in the In Rainbows idiom that features a propulsive drum beat and spacey guitars. It first sounds like an instrumental, but then Thom Yorke’s unmistakable wail kicks in and delivers a lyric sheet that centers around the couplet “When are you coming back?/ I just can’t stand it.”

  • Chris Weitz re-confirms that Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has a new song for the soundrack , and he listened to it for the first time yesterday. “Unless it’s sounds of him belching, I think I’ll put it in” Weitz said.
  • Amazon has the New Moon soundtrack for pre-order now. Thx, NMM!

Apparently, ECLIPSE Filming starts MONDAY!

Creation Entertainment's Twi-Tour is this weekend in Phoenix. And while we just received an update that may disappoint some fans attending that event, we also got a preview of what's to come in Vancouver!
  • Kellan Lutz had to cancel his appearance at the event. This is what his camp told Twi-Tour organizers:*

  • August 13th: We just received this memo from Kellan Lutz's representation:* I’ve just heard from Kellan and unfortunately we are going to have to cancel his appearance for Sunday.* Apparently the director wants to have another rehearsal on Sunday afternoon after the cast has the screening of New Moon. Plus he just received his work call for Monday morning for 5:30am.* The Cullens have been rehearsing all this week for the fight scenes in the movie. They all have been working with personal trainers and the director wants to make sure they are ready for shooting this Monday.

  • Kellan really feels bad that he has to cancel.So, it looks like the cast will get a refresher course to get them ready for 'Eclipse': Screening of 'New Moon'? assuming it's a real rough first draft they apparently get to watch IF that's the case. And it's bright and early for at least Kellan on Monday! BTW, did we mention we saw him out jogging with Ashley yesterday? We can tell you he's certainly been working out
Thanks RobPattzNews

Lainey Update: Bryce & Xavier hanging out!

View More Here! =)

Happy Anniversary Bella and Edward!

Everglow kindly reminded me that today is Bella and Edward's anniversary - first since Breaking Dawn but 5th in "real time" (i.e. since the book was written) or 3rd in "actual time" (i.e. relating to Bella's birthday) ... really I just wanted an excuse to post this picture :)

Amazing New EW TayStew Photos!

WOW!! They look awesome together. KStew really is beautiful! Suck that Perez Hilton and all your hatin! "Thank You EW!" :D

Okay, I smell a cover up! Maybe Not! =)

In case you can't read that:

Complete media fabrication. I read the transcript of what my wife actually said, which was, "My husband talks to me about Twilight stuff, but I promised him I wouldn't talk about it." Somehow that got turned into this [insert link to rumour of the day here]...It's unbelievable how the media can just write whatever they want to sell papers.Perez, love ya, but check your sources before u blog buddy.

Thanks TwiFans and Estefania

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kristen helped Taylor secure his role as Jacob

When the studio was debating about whether Lautner should reprise his role as Jacob, he eventually secured the spot partly because he had a fan not just in Weitz but in Kristen Stewart. “It’s completely understandable why they wanted to make sure he was right,” says the actress. “He was so young, 16, so I got it. But I knew he had [to do] it. Just because of how I felt around him. I literally saw Jacob in him.” And how did the Bella-Jacob chemistry play out on set? “We have that relationship,” she says. “It’s lamely cute. I love that kid. I would do anything for him. I would kill for him, literally.”

I am so glad that she helped just like the fans were pulling for him Kristen made herself vocal to Summit and I love her for that. She makes a great Bella.

Read more here,EW

Rob & Kristen Confimed a Couple..pretty much!

According to the oh-so-reliable gossip rag NY Daily News, Jennie Garth was dishing on RPattz's love life:
  • The “90210” star confirmed to us that Robert Pattinson is officially dating one of his co-stars. “I can’t say [if it’s Kristen Stewart or Nikki Reed], because that would be breaking my promise to [husband Peter Facinelli], but he is dating one of them!” Garth said at TJ Maxx’s Save the Children event in NYC. Facinelli plays Pattinson’s dad in the “Twilight” movies.

Interesting!! .. & Read below...

E!Online interview Catherine Hardwicke during the Teen Choice awards, and here is an excerpt of what she had to say about tabloids and her Twilight stars, Rob & Kristen:

  • Your poor cast! They've all become insane tabloid targets. Do you pay attention to all the rumors?When I'm in the airport on trips I'll look at the magazines. It's pretty wild. I feel pretty bad for everybody. You wish you could just have a life
  • Some aren't exactly rumors though, like Rob and Kristen being more than "good friends." Do you like them as a couple in real life, too?Of course! I cast them together, so obviously I think they're awesome together. There's no question about that.
  • Last time we chatted you told us how you knew there was something special with Robsten from the start. What exactly do you think makes them work as a couple?I think they're both fascinating, tortured artists, which is kind of cool to be with somebody else that gets what that's like. They are both amazing with very interesting minds. So that's kind of cool, too.

Hmm.. so Catherine pretty much lets the cat out of the bag too!!

EW Video: Taylor, Kristen & Cojones?! haha

From EW: While his biceps remain curiously clothed throughout the video, the clip does hold other charms: Slo-mo shots of Lautner pouncing like a cuddly ninja kitty through a field, his reaction when Stewart tells him “You need to grow into your cojones,” and Stewart noting that someone offscreen is going to die.

Entertainment Weekly:A Look Inside Interview

Nice! MTV shares an excerpt from the upcoming double issue of Entertainment Weekly, which places Stewart and Lautner on the cover, while revealing secrets from the New Moon set inside.
  • In the interview, Stewart said she loves Lautner and that their relationship is "lamely cute," which Lautner agreed works well for their onscreen chemistry. "It was vital," Lautner said. "Edward and Bella's relationship is so intense, but Jacob and Bella's is very laid-back. Sometimes there's a question of, 'Is it going to go past best friends?' And sometimes it looks like it.

  • "But they are so open, and they can tell each other everything," Lautner continued. "So it was very important for me and Kristen to grow very close before doing this. It wasn't like we went out to, like, theme parks together or anything. It was just, like, going to each other's houses, hanging out, going and getting some dinner. A lot of nothing — just spending time together.

  • "Things got serious for Stewart while she was filming the movie and had to experience the intensity of what it would be like for Bella to be abandoned by Edward. "Before the scene, I was sitting in my car, like, f---ing crying — crying so hard you can't breathe, because I was really overwhelmed and intimidated by the scene. Everyone says, 'She better be able to pull off the emotion in this movie!' And it's such an important moment in the book, when he leaves," she recalled. "I'm thinking, 'We have to be done now. Just tell me we're done.' "

Read the rest here.

If you missed the trailer--here's the stills! =)

Don't fret, there is actually more to be seen from this trailer, it was a fast moving trailer, so lots of things couldn't be caught. For example, you see Bella being overtaken by a wave in the water and you also see Laurent holding her face and you see Victoria also. You see the wolf pack in Bellas face and Jacob jumping up and through Bellas windown.. It's so fast, I don't think they could screen cap it. But hopefully we will see the trailer tomorrow in HD! =)Update!! Found these below too, you see Bella demanding what Sam has done to Jake and you see Jake jumping up to Bellas window