Friday, August 14, 2009

Summit is leaving No Traces Behind of trailer

Summit pretty much did all it can on Wednesday, pulling the leaked new New Moon Trailer in French. And by many media blogs and outlets, said the trailer would most likely be up again Friday without any pullage. But now that looks like Summit has still put the breaks on allowing fans to see the new trailer, even after its already been premiered on Bandslam since 12am! =) I've had 4 videos sent to me from fans who went and saw bandslam last night. But Summit has put the kaboosh on letting the videos stay put. Guess we have to wait for Summit to release it, we do have 2 clips premiering tomorrow at the Phoenix Convention. Hopefully we will get treated with all 3!

UPDATE!!! Here is the link to the New Moon Trailer in English and in better quality! =)

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  1. much better than the French one. LOL.