Friday, August 14, 2009

Apparently, ECLIPSE Filming starts MONDAY!

Creation Entertainment's Twi-Tour is this weekend in Phoenix. And while we just received an update that may disappoint some fans attending that event, we also got a preview of what's to come in Vancouver!
  • Kellan Lutz had to cancel his appearance at the event. This is what his camp told Twi-Tour organizers:*

  • August 13th: We just received this memo from Kellan Lutz's representation:* I’ve just heard from Kellan and unfortunately we are going to have to cancel his appearance for Sunday.* Apparently the director wants to have another rehearsal on Sunday afternoon after the cast has the screening of New Moon. Plus he just received his work call for Monday morning for 5:30am.* The Cullens have been rehearsing all this week for the fight scenes in the movie. They all have been working with personal trainers and the director wants to make sure they are ready for shooting this Monday.

  • Kellan really feels bad that he has to cancel.So, it looks like the cast will get a refresher course to get them ready for 'Eclipse': Screening of 'New Moon'? assuming it's a real rough first draft they apparently get to watch IF that's the case. And it's bright and early for at least Kellan on Monday! BTW, did we mention we saw him out jogging with Ashley yesterday? We can tell you he's certainly been working out
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