Friday, October 9, 2009

Eclipse Set Pics: Opening Scene

Lainey Gossip has exclusive pics of Xavier Samuel aka Riley, shooting what is the supposedly the opening scene of Eclipse.  Apparently this is the part where Victoria changes him to be part of her army. View tons of more pics over at Lainey! =)

UPDATE:Spoiler Video!

Taylor Lautner Beach Photoshoot Pics!

See more pics at Just Jared Jnr! Also you see him with his wolf tattoo on--hmm? =)

Untagged HQ New Movie Still: Aro

Thursday, October 8, 2009

RPattz Interview Magazine Outtakes!! =)

Here are some amazing outtakes of Robert Pattinson from the Interview Magazine photoshoot he did last year.

For more pictures go here! Thx, NMM!

Meet Me At The Equinox Video Premiere!

UPDATE: Screen Caps of the Edward & Bella Scenes in the video =)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thank You To All My Readers!! =)

Hey Everyone,

I'm writing this to THANK YOU for supporting my page and visiting everyday.  It means a lot to me and I enjoy bringing the latest news to you all! I've been given a great honor of being put into the TOP 100 Twilight Blogs from THE DAILY REVIEWER! This is amazing and I owe it all to you for helping me get there! You can view their site, along with the other top 100 twilight sites here! =)

P.S. I'm on page 1 next to Twilight Lexicon! How cool is that?

NEW NM Stills - Humans & Wolves

Now we know where they got Bella's wig for Eclipse from, haha.

Thanks Maria for sending these into me! =)

New NM Still-Jacob in Bella's window!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

KStew's Allure Magazine Shoot

See more over at Allure Magazine =)

NM Cast & New Footage @ Scream Awards

Update on the Scream Awards on October 27th - Twilight is up for five awards - and according to Spike:

“SCREAM” Will Celebrate The Year Of The Vampire And The Phenomenal Popularity Of The “Twilight” Saga With Cast And World Premiere Footage From The Highly-Anticipated “New Moon”
Who knows which cast and what footage is still left to show - I guess something scary considering the setting... thoughts?

Via TCA via ROBsessed

Monday, October 5, 2009

NM French Magazine Scans!!

Thanks to Lion&Lamb for these magazine scans, there's lots more over on their page!
Clicky for bigger! =)

NM Illustrated Companion Quality Scans!!

Gahh Michael Sheen is my celebrity crush! Has anyone seen him in Underworld? One word, HOT! haha but
THANK YOU to Rob Pattinson Life for all these scans! =) Oh yea, I didn't post them all either, there's still butt loads more over on RPL's page!