Friday, June 5, 2009

Manip: Twilight:Breaking Dawn Wedding

Edward ans Bella Cullen Wedding Pictures, Images and Photos
Wedding Pictures, Images and Photos

Draco as Riley? Another Harry Potter Star To Cross Over Into Twilight World??

We already have wizard and campus hearthrob Cedric Diggory turned into adorable vampire Edward. For Eclipse, are we ready for bad boy wizard Draco Malfoy to play bad boy vampire Riley?

Tons of tweets and emails, not to mention a request to advertise an online petition, concerning actor Tom Felton to play the character of Riley were sent over the net after casting calls for Eclipse was made.Tom's latest tweets on this? “May join Rob? Hmmm.”Earlier, Tom responded on questions and queries from fans saying “I’ll be ready when they want me!”... “Really, I’m only joking. I’m not really sure at this point; but you will be the first to know if I find out anything!”

Tom actually posted a message on Twitter to address the issue, saying, “I keep getting asked if I’m being cast as Riley in Twilight! I’ll let you all know if so!!!”, Tom Felton fansite, actually gathered up some of these fan reactions:* Harry Potter Web site Oclumencia says (according to one translation), “The actor was probably selected for the role, only it has not yet been disclosed by the media.”* His Golden Eyes, says, “I have to say, this is by far my favorite choice for Riley.”* Twilighters Anonymous says, “I will throw this out there though - I love Tom Felton for Riley. Surely, if they can bring Jamie so far to play Caius, they can do the same for Tom?”* Twilight Online, Netherlands, says, “I’m totally for Tom as Riley!”* Live Love Twilight says, “I think he would be a good fit (I’m all for some more HP cast members in Twilight haha).”* Fans on Yahoo Answers say, “Oh oh oh! He would be perfect! He is exactly how Riley should look and I think he is great actor! He should definitely be Riley!”* says, “There is a movement to get Tom Felton cast as Riley in Eclipse.”Even people magazine was quoted back in saying: “Possessing the ability to numb a victim’s senses, quiet but deadly Alec could be well-played by Tom Felton, who is known as Harry Potter’s foe Draco Malfoy.”The vampire Riley, who is described in the notice is a “handsome, blond, clean-cut college boy who falls victim to Victoria.”

Who do you think will cast best for Riley? [Via Twi-Fans]

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Moon Official Poster & Movie Stills Twist

Bella Cullen-Twist on KStew Outtake

Beauty!! BellaX3Edward

Rob & Kristen Vanity Fair & Ew Outtakes

Check out these gorgeous new photo outtakes of New Moon stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart from Vanity Fair and EW. The Rob one, in particular, is just lovely.

[via Everglow]

Comic-Style Official New Moon Poster

How cool is this poster? :)
I love XoriginalJinX comics that I am posting the slew of others that you have to see!!
I believe all of these are hand drawn first!..True Talent!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Three New Moon Promotional Stills!!

Check out the three new promotional stills from New Moon!

-The first shot has Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan in the forest, with Edward touching Bella’s face.

-The next still is Peter Facinelli as Dr. Carlisle Cullen helping the bleeding Bella Swan as she is down on the floor after the papercut scene during her birthday party.

-Last but definitely not least, there is a stunning new shot of Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black with his shirt completely off, drenched in the rain.

Be sure to check out the huge full size version of Jacob Black without a shirt and wet–
Download 2000px by 1300px [300Kb]

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Eclipse Auditions! Riley, Leah, Seth & Wolf Pack

There are some new auditions for New Moon sequel Eclipse coming up soon–including the roles of Riley, Seth Clearwater and Leah Clearwater. Also up for grabs is various members of the La Push wolf pack–

Leah Clearwater: Female, 19 years of age. Seth’s big sister, and the only female member of La Push wolf pack: “She is tall and slender with beautiful skin and short cropped black hair. She would be considered gorgeous if not for the perpetual scowl she carries due to a broken heart and her anger issues.”

Seth Clearwater: Male, 15-16 years of age is a “tall, gangly-limbed boy with a huge, happy grin, Seth idolizes Jacob.” Black hair, lean muscle type, think swimmer type body.

Riley: Male 19-21. Good looking, blond, clean-cut, muscular college guy who falls victim to Victoria. He’s in his early to mid 20s and Riley was a newborn that was created by Victoria to act as the leader of her recently formed newborn army. He accompanies Victoria in her attempt to murder Bella Swan.

There will also be additional members of the La Push wolf pack and Quileute tribe cast in Eclipse. Like New Moon, they are looking for Native American or First Nations actors ONLY to fill these roles - no actors who “look like they could be” Native American or First Nations people.

Check out all the details at Acting411.

Manip Tuesday-Official New Moon Images


More to come later.... :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Moon Trailer in HD!

New Moon Fan Made Posters..Amazing!

Are these not awesome? Thanks Natalia for sending these in! Credit on pics!! Great job!! :)

SM Thanks Fans, “Haven’t Seen Anything Yet!”

Stephenie Meyer posted a note to fans on her website concerning the big win for Twilight at the MTV Movie Awards last night–

Thank you, everybody who voted at the MTV Movie Awards! It was awesome to see Twilight get so much love. Congratulations to Catherine and Rob and Kristen and all of the cast and everyone at Summit and everybody on the crew! You all did an amazing job and you deserve your popcorn!

Twilight fans are the best!


P.S. You got to see a little taste of New Moon tonight, but I promise you this: when it comes to New Moon, you haven’t seen anything yet! Can November please come faster?

Poster Made by: I-love-Aang

Official NM Trailer Screen Shots-ALL 35!