Sunday, August 23, 2009

Will Hot Topic See Big New Moon Merch Sales?

Forbes has a new article where they wonder if retailer Hot Topic will see the same big sales for New Moon that they saw for Twilight.
The apparel based on the “Twilight” hit book and movie series about teenage vampires had helped Hot Topic ( HOTT – news – people ) post big gains in sales late last year and earlier this year while other retailers struggled.
But other stores are also releasing “New Moon” product, and Van Sinderen said the company felt it would be hard to be better than flat with last year’s “Twilight” sales.

Given that Hot Topic was pretty much the only place to get Twilight merch last year, and we’ve seen big sales pushes from mainstream retailers like Wal-Mart into Twilight land in the last few months, it’ll be interesting to see if the lack of exclusivity can be made up with a higher profile movie.

[via RobPattzNews]

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