Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chaske Spencer aka Sam Uley talks Emily & Wolves

In part two of's exclusive interview with Chaske Spencer, best known as Sam Uley in New Moon, the second film in the Twilight Saga, the actor opens up about his chemistry with his beautiful co-star Tinsel Korey, what a pro Kristen Stewart is, and even what he thinks the werewolf tattoo means!

Radar: How is your on screen chemistry with Tinsel Korey?

Spencer: She's a sweet heart, I love that girl. What we did was we went out for coffee and we talked to build some chemistry to sit and get to know one and other. When we got to filming it went really well, it went really easy. Of course, you meet someone and the next day you're kissing them. It's a weird profession. You can't fake it. She's one of my really good friends, I call her up. I can put her on my top five actually. I text Alex and Kiowa, we talk to each other because we're all going through this together. Tinsel I like her because I can talk to her in ways that I can't talk to the other guys. It's almost like we are becoming that family in the book. Tinsel is a good actress and a talented, talented woman. I like her music. We would just hang out and talk, go to dinner, shoot the breeze.

Radar: What about the first time you saw Tinsel with the scar? How did you feel about that?

Spencer: She's a really beautiful woman and when you put that scar it just adds this depth to her. It's horrendous; they did a really good job. It really ads so much to her character, because you really look inside her eyes and you can see the beauty inside her eyes, and that's what she brings to Emily. So when we did the scene it was just magic happening there that hopefully the audience will see. She really brought a lot and the scar helped out.

Radar: Tinsel had said that Kristen was really shocked by the scar, what was it like to film with the whole group, Kristen and Taylor?

Spencer: It was really good. Everyone has a different way of working; I learned that a long time ago. Kristen is an old pro, she's been working since she was a child. She comes ready to go. She's got her character down; she knows what she wants to do. She's very open to ideas as well. She's ready to play. Taylor is the same way, he's been working since he was a kid as well. I have a hard time thinking him of a kid, because he's got that man body, but he still has that baby face. The thing is they're both good people, that's what I love about them. They're both egoless. We did a scene in Emily's home and Kristen got all her scenes done and she stayed. She stayed for us to do all our close ups. You don't have to stay, you can get a stand in to come in and say all your lines but she stayed the whole time. And it was a long day. So that shows what kind of integrity and what a trooper she is. I really tip my hat to her on that. Taylor is working, when he's not doing his scene he's getting his muscles pumped, with all of us, we're all doing push ups between scenes. Those two, I like working with them, they come in they're ready to go, but they also know when to have a good time. They keep it light on the set as well, which is really good for an actor, you have to stay relaxed on set.

Radar: Who is the funniest on the set?
Spencer: I'd say Bronson. Bronson is funny, I like him. He can crack some jokes. He has a quick wit about him which we all love.
Radar: You've worked with Gil before, how is your relationship with him?
Spencer: Gil's my brother. I was very happy to be working with him again. Out of the whole cast I'm pretty close to Gil. We worked several projects together, actually all of the projects I've done have been with him. It was very top secret when I was getting this role. He didn't know when I was cast but he was very happy. We go out to dinner; we can talk about what's going on. He gives me advice, I love the guy, he's like my older brother. One of the nicest men you'll ever meet. I like working with him. He'll be there for me. In New Moon we just bounce stuff off each other and I'm very excited to work with him again.
Radar: What was your favorite scene in New Moon?

Spencer: I know people are going to read things into this, but I like the scene going into Emily's place, it really shows the characters of all of us in that scene. Kissing Tinsel Korey, it's not a bad job to kiss a beautiful woman. I've had bad jobs before, I was a bartender I was a garbage man, I've had bad jobs. This is the easiest job in the world.

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