Sunday, September 20, 2009

Coincidence? New Moon to Premiere during a new moon & Eclipse during an eclipse!

The Twilight Examiner (aka Amanda Bell) has an interesting article in regards to the New Moon premiere date and the Eclipse release date -

On November 16th, the stars of The Twilight Saga: New Moon will line up in Los Angeles for the official premiere of the film.

The heavens, it seems, will also be lining up on that date as well. One Twitterer made an interesting connection between the date of New Moon’s offiical premiere and the lunar calendar.

November 16th will also be the date of a legitimate new moon according to the lunar phase calendar.

Clever? Methinks so.

Moving right along, it seems that The Twilight Saga: Eclipse could be subject to a similar coincidence. The Twitterer’s research proves correct in that on June 26th (four days before the release of Eclipse), a partial lunar eclipse will occur (with the next eclipse, a total eclipse, not due until December 21, 2010). If, like with New Moon’s premiere, Eclipse’s premiere takes place four days before the film’s release, Eclipse will premiere during an eclipse, and New Moon will have premiered during a new moon.

Ahhh .. I tend to agree – clever marketing indeed!

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