Monday, November 9, 2009

Fans Interview:KLutz, JRathbone, & Nikki Reed

Q. How do you think, the questions are all ‘New Moon’ focused so I’m going to get right into it, how do you think Rosalie in ‘New Moon’ is going to be different from Rosalie in ‘Twilight’? Are we going to see more of Rosalie’s other side?

Nikki: The Cullens aren’t really in ‘New Moon’ as I’m sure you guys know because of the books and Chris Weitz making it very clear that we’re going to stick to the storyline. So, we’re not really in ‘New Moon’ all that much, but I did have an opportunity in the voting scene to show a different aspect of her personality, just because we were sort of setting up for ‘Eclipse’, because that’s really my opportunity to explore Rosalie as a character. So I guess, I guess in the voting scene, I worked really close with Chris to make sure that the speech that I give conveys exactly what I want it to. I don’t know if that answers your question, I’m sorry.

Nikki: It’s been a long day. I think that when you have eight hundred pages in a book you have the time to explore each character, and so although Stephenie didn’t write one –dimensional characters, I mean all of our characters are very full and colorful; when you’re trying to execute that in a screenplay it can be really difficult because they have to focus on the love story between Bella and Edward. So in ‘Twilight’, you know, Rosalie was written, I guess the few opportunities I had to be on screen I was angry or bitchy and I don’t think that that’s what Rosalie is. So I’ve been trying my best to incorporate other aspects of her personality.

Q. Following up on what you said about incorporating the different aspects of her personality, where do you find your inspiration to portray a character that is in some senses somewhat of an unlikeable character, but she has that other you know, really human side to her? Where do you find your inspiration to bring out some of that from?

Nikki: I think, I guess years of exploring my own personality in terms of understanding that most of the time anger is actually just a way to hide insecurities or you know, fear or sadness. And so I knew, I knew immediately sort of where Rosalie was coming from and I also have two siblings that I’m very protective of, two brothers. So I guess it sort of stems from that.

Q: Can you tell me how much the atmosphere, the overall atmosphere and work style has changed from Catherine Hardwicke to Chris Weitz?

Kellan: I think they’re very much just different directors. And Catherine’s energy was very prominent and needed in a way to start the ‘Twilight’ franchise and get it off the ground. And with ‘New Moon’ it’s a different type of style in the book, which means the movie’s got to be a different style. And Chris was, had it all just prepared for us actors to step in there, he made us a packet of pages and papers on how he saw the scenes, and just really had everything organized. So when we had questions as actors he had the answers ready and it was very just in both cases just different. It was just such a well oiled machine with ‘New Moon’ and just vary.

Q. What was your favorite scene to film in ‘New Moon’?

Jackson: I’ve got to say my favorite scene to film was in the trailer and you got to see a glimpse of it. And that wasn’t even quite the entire scene so hopefully you know, people are still going to be surprised by the scene of the birthday party whenever. In my mind it’s kind of the catalyst for the entire idea of ‘New Moon’, and the Cullens kind of getting out of Dodge, if you excuse my tongue there. It’s kind of the idea that you know, finally Bella is really having to face the idea of what it is to be in a relationship with a vampire and the downside of it you know, what happens when you get something as simple as a paper cut and how that can screw everything up. And suddenly the Cullens are gone and we take off in order to protect Bella and it’s one of those things where she doesn’t really feel protected, she feels abandoned, but luckily she’s got her good friend, Jacob Black, who starts to become a little bit more than just a good friend. You see that whole side of things, the wolf boys.

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