Friday, November 20, 2009

New Movie Stills + My Review on the Movie!

So last night, I saw the Twilight-New Moon Double-Feature.  And I was very surprised at how Chris Weitz kept the movie true to the book! Overall, I left the movie theatre a very happy person.  I'm already campaigning for Chris Weitz to direct Breaking Dawn! He made us laugh, cry, and feel all the emotions of each character-which is amazing! Not to be biased here, since everyone knows I have a major crush on hottie Michael Sheen-well he pulled off the role of Aro remarkably well-very true to the character in the book! The movie was awesome and the ending is perfect! So here are some new stills from the movie courtesy of


  1. i also went to a midnight show and it was so amazing and funny i couldnt believe how funny it was cant wait for Eclipse

  2. i know it started right off the bat with laughs.. it was great.. im seeing it again in 4 hours!! =)

  3. i was so happy with it! not to dis on twilight or the director but i think this one was 10 times better!!! i loved it, i still love twilight but new moon was great! i want chris weitz to do Breaking Dawn too!!!