Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Moon dvd Rundown-which edition to buy?

RunAwayWithFate New Moon DVD Rundown:

To get the deleted scenes we need the Target 3 disc Deluxe Edition
To get the extended scenes we need to get the Borders Special Edition
To get the Eclipse 7 min info we need to get the Walmart Ultimate Fan Edition
and to get a digital copy we need to purchase from Itunes
In other words Summit knows how to get us to spend tons of money!!

What version are you getting or are you still undecided? Will you be roped in to buying multiple copies, or will you rely on youtube and fan sites to see that content later?

Thanks NKhpTwihard! =)


  1. I bought the Borders Twilight Last year and at at the time it was the only special addition. So because the New Moon looks the same but different shades...I just may get the Borders one...IDK. Fingers crossed friends will get the othere dvd's :P

  2. Well shoot, I pre-ordered form Amazon. I would have liked the extended scenes