Thursday, March 25, 2010

Twilight Trilogy-Which look did you like better?

Darn, its hard to pick which I like better- I will always like the Twilight poster since its the first thing that drew me to the movie and the books.  But as each movie goes on I like all the looks and how awesome each character has progressed.  But do you know what I really want to see? Breaking Dawn! =) Am I asking for too much? lol


  1. I vote for the Eclipse poster as my favorite movie poster, and yet I agree with you about Twilight being your favorite...It is amazing how they have grown up. I'd have to say my favorite Edward is him in Twilight and Jacob in New Moon, Bella has a classic beauty. I don't think you are asking to much about Breaking Dawn! The wedding and Reneseme aw. I just can't wait! Also Vampire Bella.

  2. I cant wait either!! =) thanks for posting!

  3. I like the Twilight Edward Poster best. The New Moon was good but I think they should have stuck with the eyes from Twilight. All the Bella ones are good because she is supposed to get older. The only think I would change on the posters & in the movies, is her hair. I think it should be longer because in BD, Renesme's will be hiding her her hair and right now, just seems to short for that. The New Moon Jacob is cool. The only thing with that, his eyes should be black not Brown. For Eclipse's photos, its like they are skinning up the people. Other then those comments they are cool & I cant wait for the next installments!