Thursday, September 17, 2009

Royce not originally in Eclipse script?!

E!Online has an interview with Jack Huston who plays Royce (Rosalies human fiance) in Eclipse.  There's a chance we may never have met Royce and the small but meaty part may not have even existed were it not for David Slade taking a meeting with Huston.

"I went in to the director and he very sweetly wrote this part up for me," the actor admits. "It was kind of a nice compliment from him."

Now, as for those costars of his…Sadly, Huston has only spent one day on the set thus far, and that was with Reed, much to his relief.

"She's actually a real sweetie and the very first day she made me feel very welcome," he says. "We were away from the madness which is, I think, Robert and Kristen. I think they have hundreds of incessant fans following them, which, fair enough. We were quite lucky. We were in the park, beautiful, and it was fun."

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