Thursday, October 1, 2009

Official Twi-Con Tour Dates!! =)

Creation Entertainment announces:

Join the celebration and make your plans now to visit one or more of The Official TWILIGHT Convention Tour stops! With great guest celebrities, exclusive presentations, raise the roof parties, musical performances, trivia, costume and centerpiece contests, auctions, autographs, photo opportunities, Twilight Lexicon and TwilightMOMS panels, cool vendors with hot licensed merchandise, ultra-exciting surprises, and tons of fellow fans from around the globe: The Tour is THE place to be for Twilight fans!


  1. It be good if we had something like that in Australia!! :(

  2. I Totally Agree....
    Bring It 2 Australia.... We ALWAYS Miss Out!!!!

  3. We get nothing in the UK either! =[ it's depressing!