Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Before almost kiss-Jacob tells Bella "I Love You" in Quileute!

According to filming sources concerning a certain indian tribe- Taylor/Jacob learned to say "I Love You" in Quileute and ad-libbed that line the day of the filming. He said this to bella before the almost kiss, and so many fans have been dying to know what was said. I tried my hand at learning some of the language phrases on the quileute home page first. With no luck because there was no phrase that would have been close to what he said in a romantic way on that page I finally decided to hunt down someone who knew the lanugage. Which I thought this to be very tough since Taylor said in an interview that only 4 or 5 people still know the language. So this was quite an easter egg hunt for sure. So after hours and hours of searching I stumbled upon this contact and then had to wait to hear from her to find out if i had the right person or if she even knew the language . Turned out I did indeed have the right person and was so excited to hear from her today . So for all of you that were dying to know what was said I hope you enjoy !
Thank you Rachel T.. this is awesome!!


  1. awww that's a really nice touch from Taylor! bless...

  2. i heard it meant ' stay with me forever ' :/