Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MTV:Behind the Making of the Wolves

MTV scored an interview with Phil Tippett-whose company created the visual effects for the movie!

MTV: In one key scene, Jacob's wolf makes eye contact with Bella. Tell us about that shot.

Tippett: One of the things Chris was very insistent on was that all the wolves have human eyes, as opposed to normal wolves who have these golden, very piercing classic wolf eyes. The way he had laid out a number of scenes was there were some extreme close-ups of wolf eyes, with Bella reflected in them, like that Jacob scene. Chris wanted to make sure that Taylor Lautner's eyes would be the right choice, emotionally, for those scenes.

MTV: How did you achieve that?

Tippett: We got Taylor to peel his eyelids way back, and we got in really close with a camera and shot his eyes.

MTV: Wow. Was it like "A Clockwork Orange" thing?

Tippett: Yeah. [Laughs.] No, we had him do it with his own hands, so he could find his own comfort level. We didn't use any instruments of torture.

Read more here! =)

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