Friday, December 11, 2009

Bryce Dallas Howard talks Rachelle Lefevre...

The Twilight Examiner has a great interview with Bryce Dallas Howard who plays Victoria in Eclipse.. check it out below:

Can you talk about your experience in joining the "Twilight" franchise?

I was really struck by what an incredible group of young people are in that franchise. Their friendships are so genuine, and they really ground each other. And there is a lot going on around them. There’s a lot of attention and scrutiny, but I’m truly moved by how solid they’ve remained in their values and belief systems and their caring of one another throughout all of that. You hope for that in a franchise.

Part of the reason to come back together is to tell a story but also to come back together because everyone genuinely enjoys working with one another. And it was a really, really positive experience for that reason — other than set aside the fact that I’ve read the ["Twilight"] books and loved the books from the very beginning and these characters are extraordinary. It’s such an absorbing story that I just felt very lucky, given the unfortunate circumstances surrounding it, that I was just invited in. I hope that "Eclipse" continues this trend of being really reverent of what ["Twilight" book series author] Stephenie [Meyer] created with the books.

What advice would you have for an actor who is doing a role that was previously played by someone else? A lot of people thought you handled yourself well in the controversy over your "Eclipse" casting.

We’ll see. The jury is still out, because Rachelle [Lefevre] really created an incredible character and is exquisite. I fell like the uproar that occurred was really appropriate, because part of the joy of seeing a franchise, it’s almost like a television series. You’ve seen the actors grow with the franchise. And [Lefevre’s] unavailability [to do "Eclipse"] was really, really, really unfortunate. Advice? Gosh. Just to do your best and be ├╝ber-respectful. She won that role for a reason. I hope to honor everything that she created.

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