Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Julia Jones Interview With The Boston Globe

Meredith Goldstein with the Boston Globe recently interviewed the Boston native Julia Jones (aka Leah Clearwater) about her new fame starring in the next Twilight Saga film Eclipse. Here are parts of the interview with Julia.

During her intense three weeks of shooting for “Eclipse’’ last fall, Jones was exposed to the world of big-budget movies and life as a Hollywood A-lister. She was surrounded by the franchise’s big names – Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner – who, at the time, were coping with their new international fame while trying to work.

“I really am in awe of [their] ability to handle all of that,’’ Jones says. “It’s their job, and they treat it as their job. For whatever reason – and Taylor is 17 years old – they understand that. They’re so committed.’’

Then there was Meyer, the author who Jones describes as an integral part of all decisions made on set. “She’s kind of got this sort of God aura about her,’’ Jones says. “She lives up to it. She’s very anchored. She’s just this incredible authority and presence.’’

The work in “Eclipse’’ was far more physical than Jones thought it would be. There were fight scenes – and she was the only woman wolf joining in on the action. She quickly found that she could lean on her wolf friends for support.

“I feel very close to most of them – to the wolf pack, for sure,’’ she says. “They sort of feel like an insta-family. In a way, the whole cast does because it’s such a unique experience.’’

Chaske Spencer, who plays Leah’s ex-love Sam in the films, said the feeling was mutual. He speaks of her lovingly and says it was nice to have a woman on the set with the pack. “She’s my girl,’’ he says, laughing. “She’s a tough chick. She can hang with the boys.’’

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But soon Jones will be back with her supernatural friends. “Eclipse’’ doesn’t come out for five more months, but Jones has been warned that publicity starts soon. She’s trying to get herself ready for the madness – mall tours, meet-and-greets, and the obsessed, self-described “Twi’’-hards, who will be watching – and blogging – as she brings their Leah to life. Then there’s the fourth and final installment, “Breaking Dawn,’’ which Meyer has confirmed might be split into two movies filmed over the next few years.

The madness of it all hit Jones when she attended “The Twilight Saga: New Moon’’ premiere in November with her “Eclipse’’ castmates. Her character hadn’t yet been introduced in the films, so she was unrecognizable to the thousands of fans who lined up to get a quick glimpse of Pattinson, Lautner, Stewart, and the others.

“After doing the press line, I was starving. And there were 30,000 fans in Westwood. People had been camping out for five days or so. I just started to walk through the fans to the California Pizza Kitchen. And as I started doing that, one of the actors who is also in the wolf pack, Alex Meraz, he was on his way in to do the press line, so we passed each other. And when the fans saw him, they went absolutely insane. And just standing there next to him, there’s this sense of, ‘This is probably going to be what’s in store.’ ’’

Oh yeah Julia! Get ready, because I bet the Eclipse premiere is going to be even more insane than the New Moon premiere! And just wait until Breaking Dawn!!

Great interview! To read the entire interview with Julia go here!

[Thanks Meredith Goldsten @ The Boston Globe Photo: Eric Grigorian for The Boston Globe]

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  1. She looks a lot like what I pictured Leah out to be. Tought but beautiful. I can NOT wait until Eclipse! I'm hoping that Jacob and her will have their little arguments like they had in the book!