Friday, January 29, 2010

Xavier Samuels aka Riley talks Eclipse

This morning Xavier Samuel did an interview with a popular Aussie radio segment- the Kyle and Jackie O show! He talks about Rob and Kristen's relationship towards the end saying he knows nothing about it because he is "too busy controlling a pack of new born vampires!"

I should probably explain why one of the interviewers is only shown on a computer screen - that's Kyle - he is in LA so is there via Skype - the Blond one is Jackie O.

Although I believe RPattz and KStew need their privacy - I just wish they'd go public, maybe hardcore fans wont believe them if the truth is that they aren't together - but they aren't doing much to help the situation with recent papparazzi shots like the one where they were holding hands coming off a plane in London.

What if they get serious and wanna get married?? How will they hide it then???

On another note - anyone craving an eclipse trailer as bad as I am?!?!

Source: 2DAYFM

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