Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reshoots: Eclipse Movie Not Ready?

Lainey Gossip drops the bombshell of all Eclipse bombshells. New shoot in Vancouver with Kristen & Rob, fight scenes, possible new director for the re-shoots, Hardwicke in Vancouver is mentioned to reshoot. OMG my head is spinning!!!!!

Direct from Lainey: (I was so upset that I can't not post the whole thing)

Eclipse opens in June. But the film isn’t ready yet.

Multiple sources have confirmed to me that some key scenes need to be reshot including footage between “Bella” and “Edward” in the meadow and a few fight sequences. They’ve been waiting for weeks to confirm dates but have had to work around Robert Pattinson’s schedule. Originally they needed 7 days but now, due to his other commitments, it’s been proposed that they work for 3 days with the crew putting in 18 hours each day. This should happen in Vancouver in the new few weeks.

What’s more interesting is WHO would actually direct the reshoot. David Slade is the director for Eclipse. But I’m told that apparently David Slade’s relationship with Summit has been... not great. Creative differences. At one point things had supposedly deteriorated to the point that they were actually considering hiring someone else to reshoot in Vancouver.

Some of the names tossed around? Chris Weitz and Catherine Hardwicke. Hardwicke is in Vancouver working on another new film to go in the summer. They’re looking at delaying that project and Hardwicke has been spotted undercover checking out studio and location space for the Eclipse reshoot.

Having said that, Slade and Summit are now communicating on better terms. And there is still a good possibility he could come back to Vancouver to complete his film. As of Monday, no final decision about a director had been made. Will keep you posted.

Is is freak out time????

@TwilightLexicon says:

Well that's going to make life interesting. People reshoots are not that unusual and were done with Twilight 2 months out. Also FYI depending on what needs reshooting a second unit director doing it isn't unheard of, particularly if it isn't dialogue heavy.
@RobPattzNews says:

You knew it was coming.. replaced #Eclipse Editor last month, obvious snarky tweets from Slade.. NOT surprised. AT ALL. #EclipseReshoots Yes.. wait until the media gets ahold of news..

OMG is it okay to be worried about the movie now?

@twilight says:

*crickets* *crickets* Hopefully we will be able to get a comment.

Now are you freaking or calm?

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