Friday, August 21, 2009

Eclipse Set Pics: is this Royce? or Peter?

Don't be alarmed, he isn't a vampire. I think the flash or the light is just giving him the red eye look. This is Jack Huston who plays Rosalie's fiance from before Rosalie was turned a vampire. *Spoiler-Royce was the reason she was turned!
Update, now that I think about it, Royce is supposed to be blonde and why would he be dressed like that? I'm thinking this is Peter played by Kevin Zegers, from the Maria-Jasper past.


  1. I think this must be Peter as Royce was from a wealthy family. The clothes he's wearing don't look like those of a rich young man.

  2. It's not Peter ether! If there is, they have to rewrite the script, for in the first one, umm.. forget it.. xD