Monday, August 17, 2009

Noot Seear Reveals Heidi Costume

Noot Seear, who plays Heidi in New Moon, revealed a bit about her experience filming the movie–
  • NS: The sets were breathtaking. Huge, like palace-sized. I think the scariest part for me, out of the whole day, was that they had given me lines to practice, and when I showed up they gave me completely different lines. I freaked out. Dan [Cudmore] was like, “Calm down, it’s okay.” They’re so protective over the script. But it was really cool because the day I shot everyone was there: Dakota, Rob, Kristen. I got to meet everyone and they were so nice to me. I was scared they were going to not be nice.
    About her wardrobe, Noot reveals that it is a little bit different than the book–
  • DH: What about the wardrobe?
  • NS: It was this red, flowy dress with high gloves and big old heels.
  • DH: A dress? It’s a miniskirt in the book.
  • NS: I know! I didn’t get to show much leg.
  • Check out the whole interview with Noot at Interview Magazine. Thx, NMM =)

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