Monday, August 17, 2009

Jackson was almost cast as Edward?!?!

Yeah, for reelz - Catherine nearly cast smiley Jacksper as broody Edward - which means Kristen got to mack on him too as well as...
Ben Barnes - my early choice for Aro - not a bad option!

Shiloh Fernandez - my boy crush for years now--gahh he would of made a great Edward ;)

And Rob - ohh Rob!
Thanks Ashley TWA and Team Twilight, & TCA!

P.s. I'm wondering which of these guys hit Kristen with a pillow in the audition (10 gold stars to whoever reminds me of the term she used about this story - I'm spacing) AND what happened to that other random dude who claimed to be the second choice oh so many months ago (bonus sparkling Twilight stars).
UPDATE: A million sparkle points to Jade - Kristen was "reamed in the head with a pillow"! Now just which guy was it?

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